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Why do clients often send us a message that says, “Please write my motivation letter?” The answer is simple: we offer the best motivational letter writing in the custom writing industry. Although most people do not know how to write a motivational letter, it is an absolute must if you want to get into college or work at the company of your dreams. At Quality-Essay.com, we provide motivation letter help that helps you achieve your objectives whether you need to impress a human resource office or an admissions committee board.

What is a motivation letter? When you are applying to a college or graduate program, your application packet needs to include high school/college transcripts and your entrance exam scores. Those with the lowest grades and scores are the easiest to eliminate, but when there are so many high-performing applicants with great potential, the motivation letter serves as the tie-breaker. You need to really “wow” the admissions office by convincing them that you are the right fit for their academic institution. That is precisely what our motivational letter writing service achieves. Thousands of college/graduate school applicants tell us, “I trust that you can do my motivation letter” because we have a team of writers who know exactly what the admissions committee is looking for in a candidate. We can write a custom motivation letter that highlights your personality traits and discusses how you will make a positive contribution to the campus culture. We will make you stand out from the pack, increasing the odds that you will get into the college that you have always dreamed about.

Why should you purchase our motivation letter help when it is so easy to find a motivation letter sample online for free? This type of letter needs to be highly personal, which means it is not enough to submit any random letter. We will craft a motivation letter that is completely customized, taking your ideas and transforming them into a well-organized, professional-sounding letter that proves you have all of the qualities that the college/university is looking for.

Although our motivation letter writing service is of the highest quality, it does not mean you have to break the bank in order to hire a writer. Our goal is to be as accessible as possible, and so we keep our prices reasonable. The process of ordering our “write my motivation letter” services is so easy! Just provide us with some instructions including the type of letter you need, the length requirements, some personality traits/achievements that you would like to highlight, and your deadline. The key to developing trust with our clients is to remain transparent, which is why we provide you with a free price quote. We never add any additional fees. What you see is the only price you will pay.

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If you are not sure how to begin your motivation letter or lack confidence in your writing skills, Quality-Essay.com is ready to assist. Keep in mind that a single grammar mistake or typo can be enough to convince a college or employer that you do not pay enough attention to details and therefore are not a good candidate. Fortunately, writing a perfectly polished motivation letter is something we achieve every time. When you order our motivation letter writing services, you are making a sound investment in your future. Our talented writers are passionate about their jobs and it shows in every letter they write! And do not forget about our editing and proofreading help. If you have written a motivation letter but want it to look better, we will take it to another level for just a few bucks!

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Clients from all over the world depend on Quality-Essay.com for their custom writing needs. Is English a foreign language to you? No problem! For more than a decade, we have been helping students from South Korea, Turkey, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and everywhere in between achieve great things by producing professional letters that give their grades a boost. When choosing the right service, it is important to pay attention to their claims. If they boast that no customer has ever requested a refund, they are not being truthful. At Quality-Essay.com we believe in stating facts. We are confident that you will love the custom motivation letter that we produce, but if you do not, just send it back within the first 48 hours after the order delivery and we will revise it for free. Delivering your order by the deadline is our highest priority, but in the unlikely event that you receive it late, we will give you your money back.

No matter what kind of writing you need - whether it is a winning motivation letter, term paper or research project - we want to be your one-stop shop for all your academic needs. We go out of our way to keep you happy and we know what is at stake when you order an all-important motivation letter. The process of placing that order is so convenient! Just visit our user-friendly ordering page and with a few clicks we will start writing your paper. As you fill out the form, let us know what type of service you need (motivation letter writing), the word/page requirements, your deadline, and any other instructions. Feel free to upload any files that will allow your expert to write the letter you need, and we will take over from there.

Do you have questions for your writer? Your user account on our website features a built-in messaging system that allows you to communicate back and forth. We also offer the most secure payment methods including major credit cards and Skrill. We only keep the bare amount of information about our clients (i.e., your name and a way to contact you if necessary) and we never keep bank account/credit card numbers on file. In addition, we utilize the latest SSL encryption technology that ensures your payment information is safe.

Ready to give our “do my motivation letter” services a try? We are available around the clock to help! Our knowledgeable customer support agents can assist you 24/7 with placing an order or to answer your inquiries. From the moment you place the order through the day you receive it, we will always be around to guide you.

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When customers buy writing from other companies, they are often surprised to find mysterious charges that were not included in the original price quote. At Quality-Essay.com, we will never engage in those kinds of practices. Our prices are based on the complexity of the order, its length and your deadline. It is as simple as that. We also provide discounts on all first-time orders and have a regular loyalty program that allows you to keep even more money in your pocket!

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Concerned that we will have the right writer for you? Do not worry! We employ writers who hold degrees in virtually every area of study, including political science, humanities, business, law, English literature, management and much more! Finding the perfect academic helper will never be a problem!

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We understand the importance of protecting your identity, which is why we take this very seriously. We never leak any information about our clients to anybody. In fact, your own writer will only know you by the customer ID number that we will assign you. We want you to use our custom writing services over and over again, which is why we will make sure your secret is safe with us.

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Tips for Writing a Good Motivation Letter

If you know the name of the specific person who will read your letter, address them as “Mr./Ms/Dr. followed by their last name. Otherwise, “Dear Sir or Madam” is appropriate. Given that they often read through hundreds of letters, you really want to hook them with a good opening paragraph. Do not leave them guessing; let them know immediately what they need to know. Let them know which academic program you want to apply to and explain your reasons. You can elaborate more on this in the rest of the letter.

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You want the letter to sound personal from the start. Using clichés or giving the impression that they have received the same, generic letter that you have sent to other schools will not reflect well on you. Find something interesting to say so that it keeps their interest, but at the same time keep it appropriate and professional. You are not looking to shock them. Here are some additional tips as you start the letter:

● Jot down some of the main ideas that you want to include. You will eventually build the entire letter around the details of these points.
● When discussing your goal, be concise and clear.
● Why did you choose this particular school/program?
● You have two options regarding the letter’s structure: you can opt for a 3-paragraph letter (introduction, body, conclusion), or a 5-paragraph paper (with 3 separate body paragraphs).
● Think about what inspires you and share this with the reader. However, you do not want it to feel forced nor do you want to devote too much of the letter on it.
● Avoid unnecessary and irrelevant details. Telling them that you enjoy red wine and long walks on the beach does nothing to explain why you want to attend graduate school.

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