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Ancient Sparta and Ancient Athens

The ancient Spartan regime was an anomalous concern but it was characterized by stability. This region had the most stable governing system in the Greece history and some historians referred to it as “political stagnation.” The system had a dual monarchy in addition to the government ...

Civil Rights Movement

Looking back in the history books, I would definitely have chosen to be part of the peaceful protests during the Civil Rights Movement.  This is because history continues to prove that it will repeat itself and the people who are wisest and those who have been most successful were the peaceful ...

Civil War between North and South

In the spring of 1861 in the United States a civil war began between the North and several slave states from the South. American Civil War was one of the earlier industrial wars and one of the fiercest wars in the United States. The election of the anti-slavery president Abraham Lincoln became the ...

Colonies in Virginia and New England

There existed different characteristics between the colonies who lived in Virginia and The New England. It is worth noting that the colonists came from the same country, but they migrated to America for different reasons, and this made them lead different separate lives. This means that they had ...

Common Sense

According to Foot et al., it is significant that such an influential argument was authored by a recent migrant since experience is not based on duration. Regardless being in American colonies for a very short time, Thomas experienced what it was to live in colonial states. It is inevitable that ...

Fall of the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire ruled Rome for long. The empire nevertheless realized a fall and this was during the post republican time when the Ancient Roman realized civilization. The empire was characterized by the autocratic governing system as well as the largest in Europe and Mediterranean territorial ...


Feudalism refers to a set of political and military practices that were practiced in medieval Europe between the 9th and 15th centuries (White 8). There is no precise definition of the term. However, in the contemporary study of the history, feudalism can be used to imply the legal and ...

Film Industry and Television Industry in 1948

The film industry represents a great and influential institution of mass entertainment. It developed in the nineteenth century and dominated until 1948. The television industry captured an audience in the 1950s. Considerable efforts were made to build the strong interrelation between the ...

History and Evolution of Medical Mobile Technology

Medicine is the field that has been very intensive since its inception; several attempts have been made along the generations orally. According to history, informatics has proved to be the basic and important section in medicine that has provided the storage and access of enormous volume of data. ...

History on Revolution

Comparison of French and American Revolutionaries as a Result of the Influence of Enlightenment Philosophy Both French and American revolution was highly influenced by enlightenment philosophy. Revolution in both France and the United States took dissimilar courses that led to different outcomes ...

How Humans are Represented in Various Cultures

The main objective of the present research is to provide a comprehensive delineation of the human form from Paleolithic art within the arts of Ancient near-East, Ancient Egypt, the Aegean and Greek cultures. To that end, the current research will aim at answering a series of research questions. The ...

Humor in American History

Introduction Humor in the United States of America is traced back to the revolution period. American humor can be defined as the conventions that integrate the humor in the United States of America. The purpose of this essay, is to examine the development of the American humor over the time since ...

Hungry Forties

The Hungry Forties was a period of food crisis as a result of potato blight which struck Northern Europe in the early up to mid 1840s, when British experienced an economic depression affecting poor people and also called “European Potato Failure.” Whereas the crisis led to so much ...

Land Law

The core objective of the present research is to provide the comprehensive answer to the question whether a Court is likely or unlikely to uphold the claim of each ‘licensee’ to be a tenant and why. In order to answer the above-captioned research question, each licensee’s case ...


One of the most honored and strongest personalities in the entire history of United States of America is Joseph McCarthy. He joined the politics of America at such a time it was faced with controversies and very high degree of backwardness. This was a time when the evils of Soviet communism with ...

Multinational Operations in Darfur

Since it gained independence in 1956, Sudan has experienced internal warfare for all years except only ten. Before it was separated into two, Sudan was the biggest country in Africa and was the headquarters of the Council of Arab League. Resources, territorial conflicts, ethnicity and religion have ...

Niccolo di Bernado dei MachiavelLi

Niccolo di Bernado dei MachiavelLi (1469-1527) was the initiator of today’s political science (Virolli 2). Machiavelli was of Italian Origin and worked as a respected diplomat in the Florence Republic. He was a philosopher, artist, and author and his works like the Prince have inspired ...

Reform of the UN

On October 24, 2013, the United Nations Organization will mark its 68th anniversary. This institution is often referred to as one of the 21st century most successful projects. The statements that the UN is an unmitigated success are undoubtedly justified. However, there has been a lot of debate ...

Rohypnol: Misuse of a Date-Rape Drug

Introduction During the period between the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, a number of achievements have been done in different spheres of life. Professionals tried to consider population’s needs to offer necessary products and services, as well as to provide help and support ...

Sainsbury's Supermarkets

Introduction Established in 1869, Sainsbury’s supermarkets remain one of the longest standing food retailer chain stores in the whole of Britain. The supermarket chain was established by Mary Ann Sainsbury’s and John James. The company has remained an important source of employment for ...

The First Crusade

Introduction One of the historical developments and progressions in the world must have been under the persecution and pains that the Jews went through during the time of the Holocaust and the massacres at Auschwitz. There was also the infamous First Crusade mission which was seen only to affect ...

The Settlement of the American West from 1870 to 1990

In 1860, Great Plains were called by Americans the “Great American Desert”. Iowa, Minnesota, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri, were very sparsely settled cities. Only Texas and California were more populated cities in the Far West. But from 1865 to 1890, the situation in the Far West ...

The Thailand Conflict

Over the years, there has been constant conflict in Thailand. Thailand has experienced conflict for over a hundred years. This is to say that the country has experienced tension all through its recent history. The current conflict commenced on the year 2004 when a crowd of more than fifty Muslims ...

The Wealth of Nations and the Mercantilism Theory

In characteristic, the mercantile theory and the arguments of wealth of a nation are all based on the economies of countries. Their aim was to ensure maximum wealth upon use. However, differences are noted in the methods. Ideally, the objects of emphasis in the economies differ. Wealth of ...

What is the Role and Uses of Violence in History?

The word "violence" conventionally means a type of violent action, such as murder, designed to make people afraid. In ordinary usage, however, the word "violence" is ambiguous, often suggesting any kind of extreme apprehension, without regard to the cause. Moreover, it may mean, on the one hand, ...

World History Paper

The age of Renaissance spanned the periods starting from the mid 14th century to the beginning of the 17th century. It was a period that saw a heightened renewal of interest in classical Greek and Roman technology, architecture, and lifestyle. Speaking about the Industrial Revolution period ...

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