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Progressive Delivery
In addition to providing our customers with an excellent writing service, we offer a wide range other useful (and optional) services. If, for example, you have a paper that is especially long or one that is complex and/or very difficult for you to manage, you are likely to find the progressive delivery service we offer quite useful. We tend to classify long or complex orders as those that range in length from 10 to 20 pages (single or double-spaced text respectively).

What are the chief advantages of choosing to get an order delivered in a progressive manner?

  • Firstly, papers – can be tracked more easily with this method because they are delivered to the customer in parts. This gives the recipient time to review and approve drafts before the final paper submission.
  • Secondly, all papers are written by the most highly skilled writers at our company and edited by professional editors.
  • Thirdly, customers are allowed a longer timeframe in which to ask us to revise our work – a 30-day timeframe. Compare this to the revision period for regular orders, which is two (2) days.
  • Fourthly, when we receive an order, it is assigned to an experienced manager who oversees its progress – from receipt through to satisfactory completion. Each personal manager is additionally responsible for facilitating smooth and timely communication between the customer who places the order and the writer who is assigned to work on that order.

The following explains how we deliver the different drafts or parts of a customer’s order:*:

  • The allowed deadline = four (4) days or a period not more than four days: Working within this deadline, delivers a single part or draft of the order (a volume of 25%) once half the deadline time approaches. In practice, this means the customer receives, for example, 10 pages of a 40-page order once 2 days (i.e. the 50% stage) of a deadline approaches where the deadline has been set at 4 days. 
  • The allowed deadline = between 5 and 11 days: Working within this deadline, delivers two individual parts or drafts of the order (volumes of 25 and 50% respectively) once the same amounts of deadline (25 and 50%) approach. 
  • The allowed deadline = 12 days or 12 plus days: Working within this deadline delivers three individual parts or drafts of the order (volumes of 25, 50, and 75% respectively) once the same amounts of deadline (25, 50, and 75%) approach.

What does this method of delivery cost? Only +15% more than the cost of regular delivery!

* At times, depending on individual preferences and the specific requirements of an order, customers may want to receive an order by a different delivery method. In these cases, the customer should contact the supervisor or manager who is monitoring their order to discuss an alternative delivery plan. Our representatives are always happy to accommodate the individual needs of customers.

Perhaps You Need More Time to Review Your Paper and Ask for Revisions? offers its customers a number of guarantees, one of which is a 48-hour free revision service on regular orders. We additionally offer customers the option of an extension of up to 14 days i.e. 12 days more than our standard service.

Would You Find a Draft of Your Paper Beneficial? can provide customers with drafts of their papers if required. We offer two types of draft as follows a) 300 words on a single page in double-spacing or b) 600 words on a single page in single spacing. We can send these upon expiration 50% the agreed deadline time, e.g., if a deadline is set at 8 days, we can send your draft when 4 days of this time is up.

Would You Find a Summary of Your Paper Useful? can also provide customers with summaries of their papers upon request. These can be especially useful for individuals who need to present their work to an audience, and we strongly recommend summaries in such circumstances. In the event you want a summary, we will send you a brief one-page 300-word document showing the most critical points or ideas from a full paper.

to use our service and receive 10% from every order they place
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