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Abortion- An Ethical Dilemma

When it comes to fighting wars and protecting one’s homeland, honor and freedom, ending human life becomes the only option and it is morally accepted by the oppressed.  Despite some gray areas in the moral debate, majority of the international world usually supports the oppressed through ...

Business Ethic

Marketing is a collection of bodies and processes which develop activities that are aimed at benefiting all parties along the supply chain and the entire society. Advertisement is a persuasive form of communication which is aimed at an audience, listeners or readers to make them continue or make ...

Case Study Approach

A learning disability can be classified in different ways, in which a student has trouble, while learning in a normal way, and the condition is caused by unknown issues. Many people tend to use learning disorder and learning disabilities interchangeably, though both tend to differ. When it comes to ...

Conflict of Interest in Clinical Trial

The conduct of clinical research clearly establishes the code of respect for patient sovereignty as well as informed approval by the patient. However, in the practical clinical trials practices, it is not clear how medics apply the stipulated concepts. Conduction of successful clinical trials ...

Ethical and Moral Decisions about Drugs

General availability of different medical services worldwide provides mankind with many additional opportunities to maintain or amend people’s state of health. Moreover, new technologies and methods develop innovative approaches towards the field of pharmaceutics. Nowadays, people have almost ...

Ethical Dilemma

Life consists of making choices on a daily basis. The choice one makes is both right and wrong at the same time depending on a specific situation. Regardless what choice a person makes, it will be the right one for that person. Nevertheless, there exist a range of general standards, which label ...

Ethics is a Controversial

Ethics is a controversial, and sometimes even self excluding topic. Taking the ethical side is not always pleasant and requires to be biased, when one takes position on the side of the laws and the rules. According to the definition, ethics “... is well-founded standards of right and wrong ...

Family Violence

In medical practice, the statement, “clinicians have ethical and legal obligations to evaluate and intervene to protect victims of psychological and/or physical abuse effectively" is often a subject to debates.  Owing to the potential outcome of an abuse in homes, clinicians have a duty ...

Gender Discrimination in Respect to Sex Expression

According to the article Transgender Equality Bill being Reviewed in Massachusetts, there is an ongoing legal exercise to formulate laws which protect transgender individuals from sexual predators as well as other aspects of their life that include workplace discrimination. Laws which will be used ...


Homosexuality has been a widely discussed issue over the past few decades in the contemporary society. In the meantime, it has become an increasingly common phenomenon all over the world. Moreover, homosexuality is recognized at the state level in different countries, including Belgium, the ...

John Stuart's Philosophy

The core ethical concepts and questions of philosophy include freedom, liberty and happiness. According to John Stuart’s theory, the moral action evaluation is with respect to the consequences the action has to the society. Any individual in the world has the right to do what he wants as long ...

Life Consists of Choices

Life consists of choices. Every time we make one, the question pops out in the head: did I do right or wrong? Was it a good or a bad choice? Life does not have wrong choices. In general, a choice is both right and wrong at the same time in relation to the particular person. Each person has a right ...

Philosophy of Ethics

 Aristotle does give “an activity of the soul in relation to virtue “as the objective definition of happiness. He loathes the definition of happiness as a state of mind and he prefers to consider it as a way of life. He says it is an activity that has to be done by a happy person ...


Part one Ethics is an important aspect that should be taken into consideration when developing and presenting an advertisement of any given product. Many advertisements fail to take into account the issue of ethics. This section will analyze two different advertisements that have been placed in two ...

Rousseaus's Ethical Views

J.-J. Rousseau (1712-1778) – a man of the paradoxes (Soëtard, 1994), a French social and political thinker, writer and philosopher, who was one of the most prominent figures of the European Enlightenment. The peculiarities of his ethical views are determined by his social and political ...

The Humankind

The humankind is a social entity, which differs from animals, as they are guided by both: their instincts and their moral obligations between each other, commonly established universally. Some of these social regulations are mainly oriented on the group, whereas others are filtrated by the law. ...

The Moral Insight

The moral insight occupies a very important place in Josiah Royce’s philosophy. Actually, Royce tried to prove that the moral insight is the basis of ethics. It is the first thing that should be analyzed before researching ethics. It is necessary to stress that today Josiah Royce’s ...

Virtue Ethics Is of Little Use

Virtue ethics focuses on how a person can be good or bad, it does not focus on the right or wrong actions. Literature has suggested that virtue ethics raises three important questions, these are: - Who am I? Who I ought to become? How do I get there? Practical ethics is more of a situation based, ...

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