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What exactly is a literary analysis? It involves reading a novel, short story or poem and examining its beyond the surface in order to determine whether the author was successful in carrying out their objectives. In that sense, it differs greatly from a mere book report in which you are only being asked to summarize the plot and the story’s characters. If you are completely baffled by this assignment, reading some literary analysis samples can help make everything more clear. Some professors are happy to provide students with model examples written by students during previous semesters. But even if they do not, literary analysis example essays are readily available online.

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How to Write a Literary Analysis Paper

The first step after you have read the story or poem is to develop a thesis. While there is no single way to approach this, the thesis should ultimately be something that is original and substantive. Merely stating the obvious or choosing a tired, worn-out argument will have a negative influence on your grade. Your goal, therefore, is to look at the story from various angles that might not have occurred to the casual reader, such as the author’s writing style, the symbolism, the ambiguity of the plot, and all of the other elements that make the effective (or ineffective, if that what you are arguing).

If you are being asked to write a literary analysis on a lengthy novel, it might seem overwhelming at first. But fortunately there are strategies that can make it easier. First, create an outline that divides the narrative into parts. Identify the main plot and any subplots as well as main and supporting characters. You might go on to explain how the subplots help drive the main plot, or how the supporting characters enhance the story. Some of the best literary analysis papers examine the story or poem within the context of its genre or the period in which it was written. Others choose to discuss the narrative in terms of how the author’s life inspired them to write the story. This does require some research, but it is a small price to pay for the higher grade you will earn.

Types of Literary Essays

When you are assigned the literary essay, make sure to read your professor’s instructions carefully. This is especially important because there are actually four main types of literary essays that you might be asked to write:

  • Comparative. For this type of literary analysis, you will be asked to analyze and compare two or more works. It could be narratives or poems of the same genre, or you might even compare two stories written by the same author.
  • Contextual/historical. When reading a story, it is important to recognize that the way the author’s work was perceived at the time of publication might be different from how it is viewed today. Analyzing the work based on historical context makes this clear.
  • Theoretical. For this type of essay, the objective is to apply a particular literary theory to the work. In many ways, this is the most complex type of literary essay because you also need to have a good understanding of the theory and how to utilize it going into the assignment.
  • Exercised/Applied. This type of literary essay involves discussing events in the narrative and discussing how your own personal experiences influence your interpretation of the work.

The Importance of Writing a Literary Analysis

A lot of students perceive literary analysis essays as a pointless exercise, but this could not be further from the truth. If you are planning to become a professional writer, journalist, or blogger, being able to analyze literature on a deep level is essential. Understanding how who perceive other works and having thorough understanding of the author’s thought process will ultimately make you a better writer.

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