Wall Street Journal Article Synopsis

Global financial crisis is a controversial issue facing most nations today. Intelligent officials are warning that issues of the deepening financial crisis around the globe are likely to weaken most of fragile governments in the world’s most precarious areas. It therefore due to the world’s greatest meltdown that Michael Lewis has decided to get back to this subject that accorded him fame. His international bestseller Liar’s Poker exposed the greed and carnage of both the city and Wall Street in late 1980s whereby he wrote the article as a warning tale which has now been transformed by people to appear as “how-to guide” and that has pushed him to the interest of settling accounts. Currently he wants to settle accounts (Michael, 2010).

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In such as visceral tour to the heart of the financial system, we are being taken around the globe by Michael Lewis with the aim of ensuring that we trace and understand the origin of the current financial crisis. In his tour, he meets with the people who saw it coming, those who were asleep at the wheel and those who were actively driving other individuals off the cliff (Michael, 2010).

In this tour, we are faced with the following questions: a) how did everyone get deluded for such a long period of time? b) Where did all this begin? c) What is systemic? d) Was it not inevitable? e) Who can we blame? In order to get in the heart of this labyrinthine story, we will need to have those people who are qualified of which are not available at the moment. However, it is also clear that no one is likely to make it an enjoyable ride either (Michael, 2010).

Finally we must acknowledge whoever presents us this story. Michael Lewis was born in New Orleans and went to Princeton University and the London School of Economics. He has written a number of books that are considered to have defined Wall Street in 1980s and still takes us through this tough journey of global financial crisis. 

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