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In video one, the three industries that are facing problems with child-labor product making are agriculture, construction, and mining.

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In video two, common pitfalls that get employers into legal trouble in the area of employment discrimination are highlighted. Employers take advantage of young employees, but, fortunately, the latter have become more aware of their rights influencing them to seek legal support. Another pitfall is the loose culture, common for small firms, which lacks a human resource department that understands the employee rights. Similarly, employers who retaliate against employees who question some wrongdoings in the organization risk lawsuits. The failure to respond to the complaints like harassment, as reported by the employees, can invite legal trouble in the organization. Some employers fail to safeguard the premises, and any security crisis will call for legal action. Finally, treating employees differently in terms of race, color, gender, credit history, appearance, for instance obesity, national origin, and maternity can invite legal trouble.
 In video three, some unique characteristics of generation Y employees have been evaluated. The employees in this generation are narcissistic or overconfident. They are obsessed with entitlement, individualism, focus on future success, and drive to achieve. They exhibit flexibility, interactive and participatory approaches, intellectual self-confidence, public speaking ability, and desire to initiate new ideas. Employees of this generation value self-esteem, and they want special treatment. Finally, they are engulfed in social networking through the internet and cell-phones.           

In Video four, the purpose of the 20 70 10 rule by Jack Welch is to differentiate employees by their abilities in the work place. 20% of the staff are top performers, and they should be embraced. 70% are average performers, and the organization has to motivate them frequently. 10% are poor performers, and they have no future in the organization.

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