Vampirism Obsession Absorbs the Whole World

A vampire concept is not new nowadays, still, there are many ways for people of different age and both genders to be captured by and try to find something personal in the idea of being a vampire. The Vampire Diaries is one of the sources that opens a new world full of vampires, doppelgangers, werewolves, hybrids, and ordinary people, who have to live next door. Though the main audience of this TV drama is generally young ladies, it turns out to be very interesting to analyze why some people adores everything that connects to this supernatural hit, and some people, mostly male audience and people over 40, cannot understand this strange obsession of vampires on TV. The Vampire Diaries is a perfect example of TV series with a number of themes disclosed: family relations, high school problems and entertainments, American culture, and the most popular concept of vampire style of life; people around the whole world admire this show and always find interesting details to pay attention to.

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Analyzing The Vampire Diaries, it is necessary to admit that there are three groups of people: those who like the show, those, who hate it, and those, who know nothing about it. It is hard to create a movie or a TV show that is interesting to everybody, and The Vampire Diaries is not an exception. There are a number of young men and women, who cannot understand why so many people are obsessed with an idea of being a vampire. They realize that it is a fiction and that is all. Still, there is a considerable amount of those people, who take each word and event of The Vampire Diaries too close and become true fans of the show. Sicha (2010) admits that there is usually a plenty of girls around the places where the leading actors, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, appear, and only two or three boys. And it is possible to believe that they come just to support and control their girlfriends.

So, why do so many people like such shows like The Vampire Diaries? There are several answers to this question. First, the year of 2008 was the year of the Twilight success. There are millions of people, who admire the idea of vampires and humans living together and developing relations. The Vampire Diaries appeared one year later and supported the same theme, making vampires more sensitive, stylish, and interesting. Second, there are many loving triangles in the series: Damon-Elena-Stefan, Damon-Katherine-Stefan, Stefan-Katherine-Elena, Jeremy-Bonnie-Anna, Klaus-Caroline-Tyler, etc. People like observing the development of the events in such triangles and comparing the situations to their own. The screenwriters try to offer as many loving conflicts and misunderstandings as possible to attract more people.

One more thing that draws attention is the description of usual problems, which are inherent to everyday life and known to almost every teenager: school proms, parties, drugs, family relations, loss of beloved people, trust, and betrayal. Finally, The Vampire Diaries is a source of information for fashionmongers. One of the main characters admits that “some girls just can’t resist my good looks, my style and my charm” (The Vampire Diaries, 2009). So, actors and actresses may serve as good examples of how to look like, what to wear, what haircut to choose, and how to behave.

In general, The Vampire Diaries is the show of many purposes. Its creators try to touch upon many themes, which are interesting to modern people. It is a romantic story as it depicts the relations between males and females. It is a horror as it tells about vampires and their necessity to drink blood to feed. It is even a detective story as its characters should always look for something. There is a strong storyline in The Vampire Diaries. Its admirers follow all episodes and wait for a new one each Thursday. And it is not because there is a number of handsome actors like Ian Somerhalder and pretty actresses like Nina Dobrev. It is because The Vampire Diaries’ team always completes a considerable amount of work to take into consideration their fans’ expectations, offer interesting development of a storyline, introduce more captivating characters, and prove their ability to create true masterpieces.

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