The Most movie review

The main hero of the Most made a quite controversial moral choice since he sacrificed the life of his son in order to save the passengers of the train. In the beginning of the movie, in a scene when the protagonist talked about the stars with his son, Lada, the latter said that his father would always think about him, and he was right (Garabedian & Zabka, 2003). Even though the movie conveys the essential information of the moral dilemma, it appears that the protagonist was forced to do the decision of saving the passengers of the train.

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I partially agree with the option of the protagonist to lower the bridge when his son being in the gear. In fact, the father tried to save Lada; however, it was impossible due to a possible accident that could result in deaths of other people on the train. Conversely, that action gave another opportunity for the passengers to improve their lives. In the final scene, a woman was about to use drugs; however, having read a terrible pain in the man’s eyes crying, she threw away the spoon with a heroine (Garabedian & Zabka, 2003). Thus, the father who decided to save the passengers made the biggest sacrifice with his son who was his only hope and love for the rest days of his life.

In conclusion, in order to forget the death of the son, the main hero of Most changed location and job. In the end of the movie, he noticed that one of the passengers of the train was a woman holding a baby. The boy smiled to the bridge operator in the past that strengthened his faith in a better life in the future. In fact, this scene is symbolic because it provides an essential meaning of the movie. The authors of Most sought to use the notion of bridge as a transition from the old life to a new one. Hence, the action of the protagonist managed to overcome negative emotions about the loss of his son.

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