“The Crucible” by Arthur Miller


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Arthur Miller in his book “The Crucible” explores the character of John Proctor and examines to what extent he is reflected as a tragic hero. John Proctor possesses a lot of positive and negative features. The negative characteristic of John Proctor is well established in the affair with beautiful Abigail Williams. This affair contributed to the undoing of John Proctor and other characters. John is willing to alter his actions for the sake of others who surround him but it costs him his life. Crucible is vessel made of material that never melts with ease.

John Proctor is a tragic hero. This is portrayed by a lot of positive traits that are reflected in the book. John reflects impressive character, honor and moral qualities. The negative trait is portrayed in his lustful nature. This is well shown in the relationship with Abigail Williams. The events represented in the book are factual and further drive to the tragedy of John Proctor.

The pious nature of John is affixed to the search of the truth. John continues to accuse those who insult powers and expounds on the corruption experienced in Salem. John continues to assert that girls were hanged if possessed by witchcraft or devil (Miller scene I). The acts of exposing the things that are eating off our community portray John Proctor as exceptionally righteous and intelligent. John lacks the value of church. Revered Paris seems to feel relaxed about her job and watch the community go astray.

John has honorable and ethical standards. The book continues to assert that John doubts his morality ratings. The affair with Abigail Williams is seen as a flaw. Abigail had the intention to destroy Elizabeth Proctor charging her with witchcraft. John stands with his wife during this trying moment and he is willing to cover the costs of the damages even if it costs him his life. This portrays a tragic hero in John Proctor. He continues to assert that, “My wife will never die for me! I will bring your guts into your mouth but that goodness will not die for me (Miller scene II)!”

John Proctor was not born in a noble family but he exhibits noble characteristics. He has been acknowledged by many characters in the play. People who were against John Proctor are seen to direct their attention to him at the end of the play. The play continues to assert that, “In Proctor’s presence, a fool felt his foolishness instantly” (Miller scene II). John was ready to respect and value the privacy of other people as he continued to fight the black side of the society. John’s arguments are based on his sins only. By the self-proclamation of his sins, he demonstrates himself as a tragic hero. This is seen when he refuses to put his signature on the confession paper on the church door. John continues to state that, “A man will not cast away his honorable name. You surely know that (Miller scene II).”  John perceived himself as untouchable and pure and at times displayed arrogance in his personality, however, the arrogance disappears as the play ends.


John Proctor is termed as a tragic hero in the play “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller. John portrays many positive aspects of his life as compared to the negative ones. The relationship with Abigail Williams indicates that human beings are not hundred percent perfect. We all make mistakes at some points of our lives. John Proctor finds himself in a fatal trouble, experiences fatal flaw and ultimately risks to be hanged as a witch. He went further to portray authority, went against the community trend and stood up to the truth. John Proctor is a tragic hero restored at the end of the play as he continues to assert that vengeance is a threat to the Salem community. The future of the community is held by the children.

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