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Voyage de la vie is a show that is performed in Singapore. The show is about a boy who is in pursuit of his destiny. He searches for it through a red orb.  This takes him to a strange world full of many characters. The characters offer to guide him in his search for destiny. The show includes themes of love, temptation, conflict, life, and death.

The Theatre

The Theatre has extraordinary features that are death defying and the acts are breath taking. The construction is done with perfect detailing that creates a beautiful view.Voyage de la vie has had over 400 performances since it started, and is considered to be the longest running show in Singapore. The show is done in a multi-million dollar theatre. It is performed at the Resorts World Sentosa. The showroom is a 1600 seat.

The Creators

The show has several international creators. Notable ones include:

Mark Fischer who is from the UK. He is in charge of architecture and show design.Ray Winkler from the UK is the show designer, co-conceiver and architect. Ray is a chartered architect who has practiced since 1997 at Stufish. Maribeth Derry from the US is the show’s lyricist.  She has worked at the Repertory Theatre. Others include Jeffrey  Yue from Singapore, the sound designer; John A. Williams and Psyche Chui who are in charge of the lighting design. They both come from Hong Kong. Phylia Poh is responsible for the costume concept .

The Cast

The cast includes: My favorite Liina Aunola who is from Finland and acts the part of her life.  She does the cloud swing acts with her ropes. As she sways from one corner to another, one Is left holding her breathe. She does it with so much ease that leave the audience with their mouths wide opened. Her expertise Is mainly due to the fact that she has performed in several circuses before joining the Voyage de la vie. My second favourite Is Marti Peltonen from Finland. Marti plays the role of a character who symbolizes the death. He specializes in crossbow and arrow shooting. In the show, he shoots flaming arrows that are well timed. Marti never missed his target and this leave me wanting to learn the skill. He developed his skills of being a shooter while serving in the Finnish military. Another of my favorites is Alexey Goloborodko shows off his physical abilities. Alexey who has a well toned body how his physical abilities with much ease. He makes it look very simple to do what he does, until you try it.  Aurelia Cats from France acts as the crystal cat. She does beautiful moves that make her look o angelic while on stage.

The music

The music playing during the show is always original. The creators also ensure that they have new music for every performance. Jonathan Leong from Singapore is behind the music scene. The smooth ballards that go along the acts of the characters makes the show more interesting. 


Voyage de la vie has shown a blend of different acts in one single production. The show is a spectacular experience that leaves the audience thrilled. The cast has perfected acts and so they don’t need safety strings. The music is good and blends well with the acts. As the curtains are drawn, one I left checking the next date for the performance.

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