Inside Islam

This documentary film Inside Islam argues that Islam is a nonviolent religion which does not support the actions of terrorists. The movie analyzes the main reasons that make people stereotype Muslims as terrorists. Furthermore, it outlines the similarities among Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The movie portrays the system of beliefs as a peaceful religion affected by negative misconceptions and radicalization.

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The film states that the actions of radical individuals who pretend to be fervent Islamic followers are the primary reason why people fear the religion (National Geographic Documentary). Terrorist activities, like the September 11 attack in the USA are committed by fundamentalists who misguide the whole world that they are fighting a holy war. Consequently, people get the impression that Islam teaches its followers to be perpetrators of suicide attacks and mass murders of innocent citizens (El Sirgany and Lee). However, the movie clearly indicates that the terror groups like the Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab do not practice Islam and they are not its representatives (National Geographic Documentary). These groups misguide people regarding the true intentions of Islam.

In addition, there is a common misconception that the religion is only practiced in the Middle East (National Geographic Documentary). The documentary debunks this belief and states that Islam is a universal religion, just like Christianity or Judaism. There are Muslims of different racial groups in all parts of the world. Therefore, the movie disapproves the perception that Islam is a religion for particular citizens.

The video compares Islamic values and teachings to those of Christianity and Judaism (National Geographic Documentary). All of these religions advocate for peace and oppose immoral activities (El Sirgany and Lee). Both the Quran and the Bible provide lessons on how people should value life and respect one another. Moreover, there are no Islamic or Christian teachings promoting civil wars.

The documentary Inside Islam is informative video since it shows that Islam is a peaceful system of beliefs. However, radicalization and negative misconceptions have destroyed its reputation. Therefore, the movie attempts to reshape the people’s perception of Islam as violent religion opposing development. Instead, the religion teaches peace, love, and unity.

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