The article review “The Strange Career of Free Exercise”

The article “The Strange Career of Free Exercise” written by Garret Epps (2016) provides a critical overview of the topic related to the exercise of religion in American society. No doubt, the religious factor remains rather important nowadays as it encompasses a wide range of contemporary issues. Relatively speaking, it has an apparent influence on the societal dimension. While the American community has entered a new phase where a revolution in religious-freedom law takes place, it is worth remarking these particular transformations on a daily basis. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the selected article since it proposes a deep understanding of ecclesiastical power and its tremendous impact on the modern population.

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Remarkably, the Church remains one of the leading institutions in the whole country. Owing to the diverse system of functioning, it has inherited significant power and authority (Epps, 2016). Despite numerous historical changes that occur nowadays, the Church appears to be a stable bastion.

Recently, American religious-freedom law has changed. Moreover, this tendency is becoming more and more prominent. The alterations depend on the numerous variables. However, it is worth remarking that the described legislative operations are embedded in individual conscience. They are also believed to strongly influence a public opinion.

As a result, while these changes concerning the free exercise of religion are becoming more widespread, the American society should be ready to meet potential challenges in the near future. The level of political and ideological controversies is likely to increase in the following period. Consequently, the transformation of religious principles should be assured in a peaceful atmosphere.

To conclude, it is essential to highlight that the chosen source demonstrates a deep understanding of the current situation that dominates in the context of the American community. All in all, this source is rather valuable as it increases general awareness of the specific concept and portrays major alterations in everyday life.

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