Analysis of 'The Truman Show' Movie

Dark comedy named ‘The Truman Show’ uncovers numerous sides of life and the media. On the surface, the movie deals with moral and ethical issues of our society. The main character is the man whose life is viewed by the whole world on the 24-hours broadcast. The main idea  of the reality show is the blurring line between the representation of life on TV and life as it is.

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The greatness of ‘The Truman Show’ lies in questioning the phenomenon of society and media morals, and it forces to face the fundamentals of ones own ethics. Media has a tremendous influence on public, and it has considerably affected the values of the nowadays society. The movie uncovers  the issues that became the  everyday reality, such as the paparazzi and obsession with life of famous people, disregard for privacy, neglect of ethical norms for money and entertainment. The core  message of ‘The Truman Show’ is  to make people consider themselves as contributors to the nowadays  declining culture.

The main character  of the ‘live show’ lived in a complete lie. He was deprived him of his right to make choices. He was manipulated and under  total control in his artificial world.  He had no ability to choose or to get the feeling of dilemma and doubt. All was going on according to the script. That is why the idea to create an utopian world, free of choices and painful dilemmas is immoral. The ethic principle of Respect for Autonomy says that everyone should be able to make decisions that apply to one’s own life. Furthermore, it declares that people should control their lives and take a responsibility for their choices. Moreover, every person should have a right to choose what is best, make his/her own mistakes, learn how to deal with challenges and have an opportunity to fail or succeed. In addition, ‘The Truman Show’ provides us with an accurate picture of today’s world capitalism. Greedy money machines exploit Truman’s life in the ugliest possible way, without shame and regret. The director satisfies his mania of control, producers indulge their monetary obsessions and the viewers gratify their unhealthy interest in somebody’s life.

Consequently, ‘The Truman Show’ illustrates a lot of features of the current society . It shows the amorality of those who are powerful enough to act as omnipotents and omniscients. The film encourages viewers to think about their  own ethical boundaries and measures.

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