Whether 'We' Should Go to War or Whether 'I' Should Go to War

The issue of war probably originates from the advent of mankind. Unfortunately, during the historical period, mankind successfully determined the questions of war organization, i.e. how to make war, where, and what means should be used in order to win it. However, it is still unclear how to put an end to all wars. Historically, the war has always been a source of serious moral questions. Namely, a question of ‘whether we should go to war or whether I should go to war’ is usually a big moral problem to every person who is faced with it.

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Military authors usually define the war as an armed conflict, where the competing groups have equal forces to make the outcome of the battle uncertain. An armed conflict between the militarily strong countries and the tribes of a primitive level is called appeasement, military expeditions, and exploration of new areas. A military conflict with small states is intervention. There are also conflicts with internal teams that are defined as a rebellion, insurrection or internal conflicts (civil war). Such incidents when the resistance is strong enough or lasts for a long time and can reach a sufficient magnitude can be classified as “war”. For every citizen the issue of war is a matter of protecting oneself, one’s family, and the whole country. It does not matter whether this protection is expressed in an attack against another country in order to capture the resources necessary for survival or destruction of the aggressor. In order to understand what is the meaning of supporting or calling for a war and its sacrifices, especially if one is not willing to make these sacrifices, it is essential to have a clear understanding of purposes and probable consequences the nation may be faced with. Each country should prepare enough soldiers willing to obey the orders and commands despite their own will. Of course, the civilians supporting the war may wish to fight for their country. However, they will be more helpful engaging themselves in improving economy, producing military ordinance and creating a safe haven for their troops.

According to Bertrand Russell, “Patriots always talk of dying for their country but never of killing for their country”. Therefore, a position of the people who are willing to die for their country is absolutely incorrect. A citizen involved in war should try to survive at all costs to gain victory. Does the life of a person stand high during the war? Every citizen decides it for himself as well as whether he should go to war or not. In case the war does not affect the personal interests but the interests of community as a whole, every good citizen should contribute to the victory, including urging his countrymen to participate in the war. However, there exists a mistaken opinion that the war is not a private matter but a problem of the government. The reality is that such an attitude leads to disastrous results for the citizens as well as for the society as a whole. As a rule, the war affects the interests of absolutely all citizens, regardless of their wish to participate in it. Therefore, the questions of personal responsibility are inseparable from the war issue. The war occurs because the society cannot usually reach a consensus in searching for solutions.  There are a lot of historical, psychological theories, theories, sociological theories, etc. that try to explain the origin of wars. However, since the war is still taking place, these theories are not sustainable enough.

War is a multi-faceted issue. Many people consider it as inherently immoral and believe that no war should ever be fought. However, death is one of the most negative consequences of the war. Perhaps, if it was possible to avoid the life losses during the war, it would be much easier to answer the question of whether we should go to war or whether I should go to war. The main task of the modern world to prevent wars in the future is not to take into account the reasons of its occurrence, but to evaluate all of them properly and find peaceful solutions.

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