Was Thomas Jefferson the Father of Democracy

Thomas Jefferson was the true champion and father of democracy in America. This is so because throughout 19th and 20th he was the America’s everyman due to his widely divergent political movements. Many people admired Jefferson as he was more of a psychological than a political phenomenon. He never mistreated anybody as he could pass the slave quarters on Mulberry row while thinking of the rights of man with utmost sincerity without any qualms. For him there was nothing wrong in purchasing of the most expensive furniture for the many residences he had. Jefferson justified his passion for democracy through this famous speech, quote.  [We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness]. Questioning these historical American words is like committing the combination of sacrilege and treason.

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            There are two major monumental claims i.e explicit and implicit. In this context the explicit claim has it that the sovereign unit in the society is the individual, the freedom and equality with others is his natural state and therefore this implies the natural order of things. The possible restrictions on the order are not acceptable for it violates God’s intention. On other hand the implicit claim indicates the removal of the artificial and arbitrary limitations on one’s freedom will literally release unprecedented energy into the world. The individual who is liberated will, in consequential associate with others in a jovial mood that enhances full realization of true human potential.

            The quality of a profound political thinker was never in Jefferson for his political philosophy efforts sometimes superficial, downright juvenile and embarrassing. He was a sensible political thinker than you could compare to a brilliant political theologian. He proposed his genius vision that the very deep personal desires are indeed achievable so one need to conceal his irreconcilability. This great American leader guards the greed of his territory (America) at a very inspirational level where all the Americans can congregate regardless of class, gender, race and share ideas together.

            In another quote, Jefferson puts it so powerfully condemning selfishness and racial segregation. He was a true defender of the minority rights and also a rhetoric person over the freedom of speech and he did so in response to the racism that had greatly infiltrated the souls of the Americans. He was able to illustrate how deep-seated values of racism were buried inside the personalities of the Whiteman.

[As we segregate ourselves into a bewildering variety of racial, ethnic, gender and class categories, all defending our respective territories under the multicultural banner, there are precious few plots of common ground on which we can come together as Americans]

            It is clear from this quote that this great man considered equality especially in comparison to the blacks who by then were slaves. He particularly had deep feelings to the blacks that had the roots in the primal urges like the drive for sex, was from deep within his subconscious. It is even evident that Jefferson’s chief measure of character was at one time considered through the centrality of race and slavery in his debates that appraised him so much. [Perhaps the most important attribute of the "politically correct" movement is its emphasis on "race/class/gender-ism," which pictures culture and language as giant hidden structures that permeate life and which assumes that American culture. The people should be viewed equally without any dominance.]

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