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Same sex marriage is a controversial issue in many countries. According to the previous society, the stand was that same sex marriage is unethical and should never be accepted in the society. The government previously maintained that same sex marriage is illegal. However, homosexuals have struggled to have their rights heard (Mary, 2012). It is due to this persistence that the Australian government decided to legalize same sex marriage.

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The reason why this debate has been debated for a long time is that the homosexual group felt that it was not being treated fairly. On the other hand, the society was unwilling to accept the behaviors that homosexuals engaged. The people needed to understand that changes occur in society and should always be accepted. The law making body needed enough time to find out whether the society is willing to accept what this new group in the society was demanding.

The arguments proposed by the group were greatly opposed by the society. The behavior was considered unethical and this is why it took time to convince the society that these people deserved their rights. With time however, the new generation has come to accept that changes in the society has led to emergence of this group that need to be recognized. The acceptance of this group shifted the debate and more people have come to agree that there is a need to allow same sex marriage. Giving this group the right to marry has actually changed the balance of rights, which is a trend in the Australian society.

The aim of the change is to ensure that some members of the society are not segregated. The Australian government believes in balanced rights whereby the needs of all individuals in the society are heard. The government maintains that the society is dynamic in nature and laws should always be adjusted to meet the needs of the society.

In this case, it was realized that it is not right to deny homosexuals their right to marry. These are people who have feelings to their same sex partners and denying them the right to marry is denying them their rights (Mary, 2012). It is fair if this group is given the permission to choose their live partners. This realization was considered after various unions and groups presented their arguments to the government proposing adjustments on the law relating to marriage. Even though the issue was debated for a long time, the politicians came to the agreement that there is a need to adjust the law. The bill was taken to the parliament and it was passed hence allowing homosexuals to marry.

 The next step was now to change the meaning of marriage. Previously, marriage came to effect when people of different sex were united. However, the meaning has now changed in Australia. It has taken a long struggle to affect this law. However, balanced right principle has facilitated changes to give this group of the society the right to marry (Mary, 2012).

Key issues in the articles.

-          Policy making is a continuous process. It is not possible to state when the policy making on a certain issue started and when this process should end.

-          Policy making involves various subsystems. It means that policy making is a system that has several subsystems. All these subsystem are equally important and depend on each other to ensure that quality policies are effectively made.

-          Policy change is influenced by the stability of the political system, social needs, and the economic conditions of a region.

-          Initially, problems that a society is facing are what necessitate the need to change a certain policy.

-          Policy making requires that policy makers have the necessary information that is needed in the process of coming up with the policy.

-          After the problem is identified, the next important step is gathering information from the public and then presenting it to the political system.

-          In most of the cases, political systems have a final say on the policy change.

-          Most of the policies are delegated to the local and state governments so that the necessary technical expertise is imputed in the policy making.

-          Policies are usually made with an aim of achieving certain objectives.

-          The people may not concur with the decisions and policies that political systems make even though they are actually important for the society.

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