The McCarthyism

According to Schrecker (14), this is a description of the accusations related to fickleness as well as sedition with no considerable evaluation of the evidence that might be attached. McCarthyism was originally designed to mock the anticommunist targets that John McCarthy who was then a United states senator sought to achieve. It is a term that is used in recent times to describe the demagogic attacks on the patriotic ideologies related the political organizations and parties as well as their leaders. During the era of McCarthyism majority of the United States citizens were accused of being communists and they were subjected to thorough investigations by entities that involved mostly the government, private sector jury and other agencies. It mainly targeted the civil servants and the workers in the entertainment sector plus any educators and activists. Suspicions were characterized by lack of evidence and exaggerations of leftist beliefs. Due to it, many of innocent citizens were taken to prison; suffered unemployment and their careers were destroyed. All these tribulations were due to trial verdicts that were later changed and the laws that were unconstitutional as well as actionable dismissals.

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McCarthyism in the United States perspective was prevented due to the perceived threats associated with communism treason. Several laws were formulated for enabling the prevention of the threats and through them majority of activists were prosecuted. For instance, the smith act was designed to bar anyone who was consciously and on purpose advocate or simply advise an attempt to overthrow the United States government. Many under this law went to jail and included amongst others Elizabeth Flynn who was the founder of American civil liberties due to the evidence provisions, which was later proven untrue and lacking basis (Fried 253).

McCarthyism prevention in the United States during the Second World War after the red scare span was due to the risks that were linked to it. It was an attempt to be disloyal to the government by the American citizens through the influence of activists who were posing as the liberators of the nation from its oppressors. America generally perceived all the activists like the puppets that were owned by the Soviet Union a thing that was not encouraged. From a speech by Edgar Hoover, he pinpointed that the members of the communist party bodies as well their souls, could be manipulated, and redesigned according to the parties undertakings. Such overrated commitment to the party that was against the ruling of the McCarthyism era is what the government of the United States sought to fight.

United States has in recent times used the practice to oppress the other countries leadership especially the ones in soviet regions in the name of national security. They have forced people to stick to conformist politics and to discredit opponents basing their arguments on the threat it poses to the American national security. A good count of subverting the civil rights of people by the United States of America and giving vague reasons related to terrorism has been witnessed. It is through the sake of American national security that the war in Afghanistan was commenced as the super power sought o silence the people who questioned and those who they thought were oppressing the citizens of their nations as well as limiting the constitutional privileges. All this has been due to their perceived threat of terrorism to them. Countries that are said to be in production of nuclear mass action weapons have been lilted to travelling into the country until they comply with the antiterrorism code. Acts of limiting movement are related to the McCarthyism era and the United States has in 21st century embraced them for the fight against terrorism.

McCarthy served a US senator from Wisconsin from 1947 to 1957.during both elections he emerged top and he did much towards the unfolding of the traitors in the government during his tenure has a senator. A successful senator became very famous within a short duration due to his undying efforts to bring into light the people who betrayed the government as they pretended to be supportive of it. Using his technical skills and activist approaches, he very successfully realized the goals he had toward the depiction of the alarming rates of betrayal in the congress.

According to Morgan (11), the historical subject of McCarthyism and the other political divisions that were as a result of it in the United States still manifest themselves as well as the contentious ant--communism spirit. Due to them, McCarthyism was brought down. During the olden times the practice of McCarthyism did assist the government as they evaluated the loyalty of the senators in relation to how focused they were toward the realization of the country’s objectives. It outlined the betrayal that was in between the various members of the congress as they served in the government. It helped the government to determine where to base resources for the better of realization of its development goals. To the citizens it facilitated responsible leadership that would create a better lining standard instead of having people in the government yet they oppressed them.

In conclusion, desperate times require desperate measures such as the reduction in civil liberations entities as the country tried to keep terrorism under control. This according to me is a reason strong enough to ensure that peace is realized and all that was threatening would be curbed. The denial of freedom on the other hand would be doing what the terrorists themselves do and this shall be a motive of facilitating citizens to behave just like  terrorists as they seeks their freedom.

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