Texas War for Independence

A major fight that was memorable to the Texas independence was the BATTLE IN THE ALAMO ON FEBRUARY 23, 1836. The Texas war of independence started in the mid-1830s, when a group of soldiers entered the place to crush the Texas riflemen who revolted claiming the territory. However, this specific conflict dominated because it actually led to the independence. The main goal of the war was to liberate the Texas people from the oppression of the Spanish government that had established authoritative rule in the region. Colonel William Travis, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett  were keen on people’s right and independence; he believed that all people should not be deprived of opportunities, but ought to remain happy and enjoy life. Even though the BATTLE IN THE ALAMO ON FEBRUARY 23, 1836 was so fierce, it demonstrated the Texas Revolution that was spearheaded by people who were dissatisfied with the local administration.

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Texas was conquered by Mexicans in the early 1820s; this situation led to the revolt of the native people in 1835. A number of human events were crucial in determining the direction of leadership that the people wanted, leading to a conflict that precipitated the declaration of independence of Texas. In the search for freedom of expression, Colonel William Travis, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett  and other people recognized that there was a lot of subordination that they were going through. In essence, the subordination was caused by the conflicts arising from the supremacy over earthly power. The locals wanted to change the situation and that finally led to the declaration of war. They also believed that the natural course of law could only be changed by the people themselves. Moreover, people needed respect which was not shown by various interested parties. This means that the Battle At The Alamo On February 23, 1836 was a major and memorable event that Santa Ana lost at the Alamo, and its very memorable towards Texas independence.

In people’s righteous minds, those who were living in Texas fought so hard because they believed in equality in terms of creation, thus all deserved freedom, since no one should be oppressed by others. They fought for what they considered appropriate for all the residents of Texas. In this sense, no person should claim superiority over another since the equality guarantees all people a common sense of independence, free from interference. Taking into consideration that freedom improves one’s productivity and innovation, confinement as a curtailing of freedom limits one’s achievement and the equal opportunity to express his/her own opinion regarding growth and aspiration.  This could not be realized in cases when a person’s independence is curtailed; hence the war was precipitated to achieve the desired freedom. The local people believed that the rights of an individual were neither intrinsic nor inalienable.

In most cases, the Texas people did not realize their full potential and live a happy life, thus waged war against the foreigners. The traditional society also discouraged the cases when a particular group accustoms others to abuses. This could indicate the level at which the society valued freedom and total independence. In Texas, the United States of America, the war for freedom led to the declaration of independence. It was a landmark event that ended years of unruly and disorganized governance. The confrontation and subsequent declaration of freedom were made at the convergence of the state governance structures to look into the issue of social welfare of local people. 

InTexass, the declaration meant that the new government was to take the political power and responsibility to protect all the citizens.The people of Texas strongly believed that the sovereignty would be exercised by the new government on behalf of the citizens. They had to fight for the sovereignty since those in position of authority did not want to relinquish it. In addition, they believed that the essence of the declaration had the goal of disabling, killing or imprisoning all rival political opponents or potential leaders who might threaten their political ambitions.

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