President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama provided Americans with his inauguration speech on January 27. Under the walls of the Congress Obama delivered the address to the people. Two major ideas of his speech could be mentioned.

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To begin with, the first part of the address refers to the equality of all of people and basic human rights. The key point is that people are equal one to another by nature and they should be provided with equal opportunities following with a number of unalienable rights such as freedom or happiness. In this part Obama tries to look at the American Dream in retrospect. He mentions that previous generations of American patriots have done their best to reach the current levels of liberty and wealth. Since 1776 American soldiers have been fighting for the society without dictators and slaves all over the world and American workers have been building roads, plants and schools to make the United States of America prosperous. President puts his emphasis on the fact that all of this was done by American citizens together and this is the way Americans should act further, as one nation and one people.

Regarding the second part of Obama’s address, President speaks about what should be done in the near future in economic, political and social spheres. In particular, Obama presents his to-do-list. This to-do-list is composed of several crucial points. First of all, President said that the success of the US in the future is connected to a rising middle class. In his viewpoint the system of strong middle class in a country speaks about liberty and available opportunities. Following this Obama mentions that the country needs modernized tax code, which is also very topical in terms the development of middle class. Another important economic problem is the energy issue. There is an increasing need in new energy sources.

Regarding social issues, President speaks about the importance of the reduction of health care cost as well as the importance of the respond climate change. Both of these measures are crucial for further generations. If to speak about political issues, Obama said that he will try to build friendly strategy in relation to other states. From his point of view, military intervention should be avoided.

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