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            There are many reasons why bicycles are much better than cars. These reasons are many and range from being environmental friendly to being good for your health. In the age of global warming, bicycles become very important.  These days, air and noise pollution is rampant and anything that reduces it is appreciated by environmentalists.  This carbon-emission free vehicle should therefore be encouraged. There are numerous benefits of using bicycles ranging from easing congestion in the city to improving public health. If people in the city were to change from automobiles to bicycles, most cities would become better places to live. This paper argues provides points in favor of using bicycles as opposite to cars.

            Bicycles are cheap in terms of running cost.  It is also easier to finance the purchasing of a new car. Cars have become very expensive mostly as a result of the global recession and getting auto financing has become even harder for the averaged income earner. Sometimes it does not matter even if you have a good credit rating; it is still hard to get car loans. Bicycles on the other hand are much cheaper than cars. With a single car loan repayment, you can buy a nice bicycle. And even though these bikes are much cheaper, they often last much longer than the cars. You will just have to use little more dollars in acquiring a proper rain gear, bike accessories and good light and you are all set.

            Bicycles are also very cheap to manufacture. All goods that are manufactured have impacts on the environment. Compared to most modes of transportation, it costs much less to manufacture and as a result the impact it has are much less. When in operation, bicycles produce no meaningful pollution to the environment. Unlike cars, bicycles do not have tail pipes that release fumes that are poisonous into the air.  Bicycles also eliminate hydraulic fluids, oils, or fuels that would have been dropped on the surface by automobiles. This means that using bicycles help reduce run-offs that would have ended up in the river.

            Bicycles are also great because they save roads from wearing off. Tax payers do not have to spend money on repairing the roads that would have been destroyed by huge tracks. A bicycle only weighs about twenty pounds and as such the damage on the roads is not as much as that caused by cars. If more people used cars then the government saves a lot of money that would go into patching up the potholes and repairing the surfaces on the streets.  Bicycles are also great as a second means of transport for you if you already have a car. Instead of buying a second car, you could get a bike.

            You will be amazed at the amount of money you will save every year if you were to use a bicycle instead of a car. You can use the bicycle for commuting to work or for running errands over the weekend. Instead of having two cars for a household, you could have a car and a bike so that when the car is engaged, the bike can come in handy.  Bicycles are great for short distances and you can even beat the traffic jam while you are at it. Children can also be trusted with bicycles to run errands on behalf of their parents and with the proper safety gear they would be fine. Children should however not be allowed to ride on main highways.

            Using a bicycle is great if you want to keep fit and improve your overall health. There are numerous health benefits of aerobic exercises done on a daily basis. When you choose a bicycle as a mode of transport and cycle to and from work, you will be able to burn more than six hundred calories without going to the gym. This will save you money that you would have paid your gym instructor in order to burn that much calories daily.  If you regularly bike, you may not have to change your lifestyle in order to lose weight. Losing weight will help you live a healthier lifestyle. Exercising daily will help you live much longer and avoid fitness related complications.

            Cars require a bigger parking space as compared to bicycles. You can store hundreds of bicycles in one parking space. Parking has both financial and environmental implications. If you own a car, you have to pay for parking each day. If more people in large cities owned bicycles and not cars, the city authorities would not need to avail lots of parking space. Bicycles also do not burn a lot of gasoline and lowers the demand for oil. Fuel prices are constantly on the rise and with the economic recession, bicycles would be the best solution as they would save on the amount of money you spend on fuel each month.

            Bicycling also saves you a lot of time as compared to using a car. In many cities where traffic is crazy each morning and evening, having a bike can be a great advantage.  When you have a bicycle, you do not experience bumper to bumper traffic. Even if there is traffic, a cyclist always finds a way around it. It will save you all the time you would have spent sitting around in traffic. You can then use the time saved by spending it with your family or doing something constructive. You may even take another job that could bring you more money. This is especially true in those cities where the city road designers set aside bike lanes specifically for bikers. Car owners have been known to get frustrated and irritated when they have to sit for long hours in traffic. You will be saving yourself the trouble of sitting for hours in traffic.

            Again, compared to cars, bicycles are much easier and cheaper to maintain. It costs much less to repair a damaged bike than it costs to repair a damaged car. Spare parts for bicycles are also much cheaper than those of automobiles. Bikes often require servicing but these servicing costs relatively less. If you are not in a position to afford a car, you can still be mobile thanks to bicycles. Many people, who find themselves incapable of getting a driver’s license or of maintaining a car, can still move around using bicycles. Bicycles have been found to be the cheapest modes of transport other than walking. Bicycling is much faster and more convenient. Again, you do not have to be a particular age to own a bicycle or to have a license.

            Studies have often shown that those who cycle to work are healthier, less grumpy and they tend to ask for less time off work. Many employers are very willing to make arrangements for employees who cycle to work as they have been found to be more productive. The main reason for this is that healthier happy workers are better workers.  Repairing bicycles are also pretty easy. Any mechanic should be able to repair your bike should it break down. You do not have to find a specialist to do the job for you. In the even that your bicycle breaks down completely, it would be easier to just use public transport instead. Bicycles can even last decades with minimal maintenance.

            You will have a chance to experience life more intimately on a bicycle than you would if you used a car. Cars tend to create a barrier between the car owner and the community. Bicycles on the other hand do not create a barrier between people and their surroundings. This allows the cyclist to feel like part and parcel of the community so that they can experience the community more intimately. You can make stops whenever you want to and view things more closely. This is not the case when one owns a car. Car owners reduce the world into equations. They are always looking for faster routes to places they are always in a hurry to get from one point to another without stopping to experience their world.


            Bicycles also make less noise as compared to other modes of transport. Humans are constantly looking for ways to reduce noise pollution and to make our environment a safer place to live for everyone. If more people went for bikes, our towns would be much less noisy and less chaotic.  This is because cars are the cause of a big percentage of noise that we experience in cities on a daily basis. The other reason that makes bicycles a better option is the fact that they are far less prone to cause accidents. Accidents involving automobiles occur all the time and people die from these accidents. If more people rode bicycles then there would be fewer accidents on our roads. This is not to say that bicycles are never involved in accidents, it is just that the rate of fatalities is higher in car accidents.

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