Internet Impact on Politics

Nowadays life one cannot imagine without internet. It does not matter whether it is a social life, private or media one, or even politics; everything is connected with internet interactions in one way or another. Moreover, the impact of the single worldwide computer network on everyday life became global. Why is the power of internet strong today? How could it affect politic interactions between countries and their rulers?

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Of course, everyone needs to admit that the internet is a great example of technological progress of our times, but let us also agree that it has both positive and negative side, especially when the talk is about politic relations. Years before information technology, news was spreading fast, but nowadays this process is happening in a blink of an eye. The positive side about all of this is that people from different parts of the world can interact with each other, sharing the information from different perspectives about their background, the political situation in their country, with the life level in it. The negative part is that with the same blink of an eye persons can gather secretly planning protests and demonstrations; they can debate whether this or that politician is right or wrong and what to do about it. In some states, the officials through the vast computer network are trying to promote their political campaign with the help of not just local, but international support, as well. People need information – and the internet gives it to them. Some scientists even say that the system connecting computers around the world is the source of intolerance and ideological stupidity. However, it is not always this way. Such statement shows that the internet can globally impact either on social life or on politics and sometimes in very surprising ways.

Internet gives an opportunity to have of the so-called fourth power and exactly power over information is what government is scared of. Cheap internet technologies are the doors to the global network. Think: why is China one of the biggest innovators in computer technologies and has the highest rate of Internet users? Chinese government is one of the most interested parties in using Internet interactions and information from different networks. It also includes cell phones and television. Nevertheless, global access to books, fresh news, and newspapers can present China as one of the biggest threats to world’s hierarchies and the powerful country in social and political life. It concerns not only this state, but almost every developed country.

Almost all researchers admit that internet interactions are able to change the government’s policy. Additionally, these technologies became so involved in political interactions that one cannot discover, for example, public diplomacy or advertising, news politic without discovering first Internet sources. Everything and everyone from public interactions, protesters to government are looking for ways for using Internet in their own favor. For instance, in Muslim countries there is a possibility that extremist sites and blogs exist. In Egypt, there are certain political sites with mostly debates and discussions about their regime.
All these evidences prove that internet interactions nowadays take not the last place in political life and life in whole.

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