Hitler and Mussolini

Hitler and Mussolini were allies during world war two. Hitler and Mussolini the Italian dictator had a personal relationship that helped them in their conquest. From this letters, it is clearly shown that the two communicated frequently on matters concerning the making of the axis into a powerful political tool in the world. The alliance between Hitler and Mussolini helped them break off the alliance between Russia and other countries and helped them secure a stronghold over other nations in Europe. In the first letter from Hitler to Mussolini, Hitler tries to convince Mussolini the danger of letting Russia go into Alliance with Japan, who were allies in the war. Hitler says that they should force. Hitler wanted to convince the Russians into the pact that will also ensure that persecutions of Germans in borders of Russia will end. He also measured the impact of countries like Romania and Poland and even turkey trying to fight him. He tries to convince Mussolini that England is their enemy and that an alliance between Japan and Russia will have a negative effect on Germany and even Italy

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Mussolini replies to Hitler's letter which was handed to him by ambassador Won Mackensen. He approves of the agreement between Kremlin and Russia. He also tries to tell Hitler to try not to break the relationship between Japan because it will lead to war. He also states his feelings toward turkey and Romania and Poland who were allied to England and that a new attitude toward them will be good for the axis. An intervention was needed to stop Poland

The memos are confidential documents from the Nazi-soviet relationship. They talk about various agreements like the German soviet trade which shows that Germany did give Russia some money or merchandise. The soviet were to  give Germany raw materials as the Germans would choose. Kremlin tries to encourage the soviets to meet and build their relationships further

In conclusion, it is clear that these letters and memos were instrumental in the world war two and the position of Russia was very important. Perhaps this letters and memos, which were confidential, show how the war was contacted in terms of raw materials and world politics

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