Great Speeches

Many people fear speaking in public, as they do not have confidence in making speeches. At one time or another, one has to make a speech. It is very important that the speech that one makes be good in order to make a positive impact; by so doing it will act as a catapult to propel one up the career ladder. That way, it might be a vehicle through which one can go down the career ladder. Several things make a speech great.

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The very first thing is to understand the speech that one is going to make well. This way one will have confidence and be able to face the audience without fear. This can be evidenced by Martin Luther’s speech ‘I have dream’. It is very clear that he had learned his speech well. He knew well where to make annotations. His body language showed confidence and therefore the speech was a success. He connected with the audience through eye contact. That way the audience felt he had them in mind and connected with him. One cannot be able to make eye contact with the people if he has no confidence.

Not only visuals that affect the quality of speech, also audios do. The way a person articulates his words can make an audience interested in the speech or not. At the same time, it can make one to convey the wrong meaning. This is particularly salient in official forums such as in courts of law. The speech in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird   is evidence to that.

Dressing is also important. The way a person grooms himself or herself can make the audience view him as a serious person or as a clown. In both the speeches, the men in the speech are dressed in suits. Suits are normally associated with seriousness and thus in both occasions the audience is ready to listen to their speech.

Making a speech is an art that can be learned contrary to what many people believe that it is inherent. It is therefore upon all people to strive to be good public speakers just like Martin Luther King Jnr.

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