Collective Bargaining

National conventions are the highest decision-making body in trade unions. Such convention assemble mainly annually or once per two years. Local unions elect representatives from all over the country and send them to a national convention.

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To begin with, several activities take place at a national convention. In particular, representatives speak about amendments to the constitution; they work in committees, negotiate various social, political and economical issues and talk about a number of topics from the sphere of their interests. Delegates or representatives visit seminars, workshops and meetings held every day during convention. In addition, during convention representatives elect national union’s board that is composed of general officers.

Regarding the opportunity of working, national union convention is really a powerful measure to influence employers as well as the government and so to protect workers. There could be mentioned a number of exposures of such influence. Firstly, national union convention helps to produce amendments to legislation and new laws with the aim of providing people with better working conditions. Because of a great success in this dimension, the safeties of work as well as the length of working day have been changing drastically during the last century.

Secondly, the support of unions is the most efficient way to resist egoistic and profit-oriented employers. Furthermore, a national union could include hundreds of thousands of members. It supposed to be a very powerful measure to protect labor. The national union depends also on the way people protest. It could be a non-violent protest, or, if there is no other way to cope with a problem, people could go on the streets. They could burn cars and crash shops. People’s position will be taken into account then (Lee, 2012).

Last but not the least, as it was already mentioned unions consist of the crucial number of people. It becomes valuable in the period of elections. On the one hand, the support of national union convention could help a politician or a party to win elections. On the other hand, unions may use this time to make the Congress or President adopt some laws demanded by labor (Lee, 2011).

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