Benefits of Bi-Lingual and Immigrants' Effects in America

Bilingualism is an ability to comprehend more than one language and communicate eloquently in at least two distinct languages. This is possible when one hails from a distinct culture that communicates in another foreign language. For one to be bilingual, he/she has to learn the two languages. Immigrants are people who reside in an area which is different from their original homes. Internationally, immigrants are people who move to other countries for either work or permanent residence. Immigrants encounter difficulty in various challenges in their host countries, including communication as well as an adaptation to foreign culture. Despite the challenges which immigrants face, they offer benefits to the host nation. This paper highlights the benefits which bilinguals and immigrants offer to America.

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Immigrants are people, who relocate from their original countries to foreign countries in search of employment opportunities, security, and basic needs among others. There are benefits that America has strived to accomplish, for example, to vote wisely. America has the highest percentage of immigrants from across the world. The economic status, stability, and tranquility among Americans help influence many to relocate to the country. Despite a number of challenges posed by the immigrants, there are also benefits to the host country. These benefits include cheap and affordable labor, increased market size of produced products, diversification of technology as well as enrichment of the culture of the host nation.

There is cheap available labor force from the immigrating community as many come to America in search of jobs. This advantage helps the propel growth in the host country’s economy. Immigrants also increase the market size of the host country’s products. There is increased market size as well as demand for products in the host country due to the increase in population numbers. Other benefits include enrichment of the cultural diversity in the host country by bringing by immigrants new ideas from their culture. Immigrants have helped shape the destiny of America from its inception. The British settlers (immigrants) were the colonial masters in America and helped shape the modern culture and history. The article by Robert King on efforts made to endorse English language as America’s official language highlights how proponents and opponents of this view argue out their differences. Robert King notes “.... ethnic unity and cultural identification are routinely defined by language.” They influenced how the Americans think and communicate through English. The African American population has helped America’s literature by bringing the cut out from encouraging narratives that were foreign to the whites and natives.

The influx of immigrants’ community in a host country leads to the immigrants requesting some basic rights. Immigration enhanced the need to introduce bilingual education. Bilinguals are persons who are conversant with at least more than one language. The influx and increased population of Mexicans (Latinos), Afro-Americans, Indians, and African immigrants have led to some affected states approving bilingual education. Robert King notes, “….. ethnic unity and cultural identification are routinely defined by language.” This helps children understand their culture and norms as well as for the host country. Bilingual persons are helpful to the host country as they may generate income through language interpretation. America enjoys benefits from its bilingual population, which include effective and diversified working group and ease to penetrate newer markets among others.

 Bilingual education is a significant contributor to the benefits of bilingual’s in America. It helps reduce illiteracy levels amongst the population members. The use of traditional (mother tongue) and other convectional languages such as English helps to relay information to the masses especially to the children. Bilingual education helps many persons express themselves in their preferred languages. It also helps enhance interaction among different people, which contributes to the level of unity among members of a single language. Bilingual education helps in understanding their distinct culture and societal norms.

 In addition to the discussed positive effects of bilingualism, it is worth to mention that is helping children mature intellectually faster than those pursuing monolingualism. The understanding of this phenomenon has its basis on how easy it is to comprehend. Bilingual gives the literature writers the best contents in their narratives through missing their preferred languages. The literature by Amy Tan highlights how different the English language spoken by the Asian immigrants affects their choice of career. She writes a book in this “broken” English that her mother would understand. This shows the impact level of language barriers to the immigrants in the U.S. Amy Tan states, “… Asian students, as a whole, always do significantly better in math achievement tests than in English. This makes me think that there are other Asian American students whose English spoken in the home might be described as broken or limited." Perhaps they also have teachers who steer them away from writing and into math and science, which is what happened to me.” Bilingual is helpful in the career paths taken by many immigrants with few taking up literature and languages as their preferred choice. Bilingual education helps students have a head start as a requirement in college. It also enhances intellectual growth. In addition, bilingual education allows a company to have a competitive advantage in the industry. Bilingual parenting helps the children have adequate care from their guardians, detailing on the cultural acceptable practices discussed in a distinct society.


There are many benefits that immigrants take to the host countries including, economic growth and development, untapped talents, and increased market sizes among other benefits. Bilingualism has positive effects, especially when used to unite communities and embrace each other as one. It is evident that immigrants have a significant role to play in the introduction of bilingual policies. The fact that immigration verification continues, many countries all over the world shows that bilingual efforts would continue to cater for the departed

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