Appeasement and the Munich

 1. How did Chamberlain defend the Munich Agreement? What was he trying to achieve?

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After tension continued to rise in European continent, because of the speech that was delivered at a Nuremberg by Herr Hitler, the ministers started to examine the tension of the whole situation in the light of this speech. They tried to maintain the state of peace at all possible means. The aim of this speech was the fact that Hitler wanted to attack Czechoslovakia and further continues to attack the upper east. Nevertheless, Hitler knew that it would be hard to conquer and he had to do this as fast as possible before France and the Great Britain could have taken effect. Chamberlain after discovering the acts that Hitler was planning he identified himself with the circumstances and after considering the possibility over the sudden and dramatic step that would have saved the situation he decided that he should inform Hitler that he should go to Germany and see him so that he could calm the situation. After the preparation, he thought that it was better if he persuaded Hitler that “Hitler had an unequalled opportunity of raising his own prestige and fulfilling what he has so often declared to be his aim, namely the establishment of an Anglo-German understanding, preceded by a settlement of the Czechoslovakian question” and that he shouldn’t guarantee that “Dr. Benes would accept this solution, but I should undertake to put all possible pressure on him to do so.

2. What alternatives did Churchill offer to the Munich Agreement? How realistic were these alternatives?

On the other hand, Churchill contributed a lot to the Munich agreement despite facing a motion of no confidence Churchill continued to provide a very strong leadership even though the war continued to go bad for the Britain and a couple of defeats. However he continued facing critics because of mending in the military matters and the fact that he continued to be advised by some of his friends rather than his own military commanders. It is said that one of the major contributions that he accomplished was, “his ability to inspire the British people to greater effort by making public broadcasts on significant occasions”. It is reported that he was a very brilliant orator and a very tireless source of all the sufferings of the blitz. More so played the part of the creation of Bolshevism that actually brought about the formation of Russian revolution which was an n international part of the atheistic Jewish. However, Clynes sates that Churchill “was and has always remained, a soldier in mufti. He possesses inborn militaristic qualities, and is intensely proud of his descent from Marlborough. He cannot visualize Britain without an Empire, or the Empire without wars of acquisition and defense. A hundred years ago he might profoundly have affected the shaping of our country's history. Now, the impulses of peace and internationalism, and the education and equality of the working classes, leave him unmoved”. This shows the character that Churchill posed and the fact that he was a man of the people.

3. Does awareness of this history change your assessment of the Munich Agreement? If so, how and why?
 At the end of 1918, cultural German delegates from Bohemia and Moravia discarded enclosure in Czechoslovakia and as a substitute declared the combination of German-majority expanse (such as the Sudetenland) with Austria. In response, the new Czech government mobilized its army to enforce its boundaries—even though these boundaries contained over three million ethnic Germans. This awareness did change the Munich agreement because each country learnt to live by its own and protect its people and its country. In the note, this aspect Munich agreement separated most Germans and thus the countries separated from one another in fear of war arising amongst them.

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