How can we store the energy?

Nowadays energy can be developed almost from any source and it has become a major investigation sector in the fields of science. Most common way of energy storage is well known by all of us - a battery storage of energy. However, there are a lot of other ways of storing energy. The storage methods are divided into chemical, biological, electrochemical, electrical, mechanical and thermal methods.

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The most common way of storing energy is the technique of the falling weight. It is done with the concept of lifting the weight to make it afterwards fall to extract of energy. This technique was used in producing the cuckoo clocks and some other clocks too. It is done by realizing a heavy weight and letting it fall for a lasting period of time, accomplished by an attached string which goes through a gear train with weight. Also the concept of falling weight is often used in the mountains’ by lifting the water to top of the heal during the day and afterwards realizing it at night when energy is needed.

Another way of storing energy is the idea used in wind up airplanes. This is a technique of repeatable mechanic deformation. This way the energy can be stored by deforming the material in a spring, the material will release the energy during the time it will be returning to its original shape.

Nature also helps us to store the energy. It is mainly done by accumulating solar energy in different sources. The water is working like a solar collector and helps to store the heat. Also stones are good in storing the solar energy. They store the energy and produce the heat afterwards. For the centuries this techniques was used in house stoves.

The energy which can be stored and be useful afterwards is mainly called potential energy, because of its future potential of usage. In the process of storage one energy can be transformed into another. Some of it disappears in the process of conversion. This happens because a part of it is used for the process of transformation.

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