Dangers of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy has been regarded as an important solution to the challenges that economies face in the need of power to drive it. Nuclear energy in actual sense has the ability to provide enough power that can suffice the needs of any economy. However, while considering the risks involved in the process of acquiring nuclear energy, one may actually find out that the benefits of nuclear energy are overrated. Ideally, there are many reasons causing unrest amongst nations trying to establish whether nuclear energy is a blessing or a curse. It is important to state that nuclear energy is dangerous and unsafe to the welfare of humans and other living things (Cohen, par. 7-13). It has never achieved its maximum potential; it should to get rid off these dangers before it can become a risk-free source of energy.

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Nuclear energy provides a good source of greenhouse emissions-free electric power. However, one could ask “what about the dangers it poses through radioactive waste?” When looking at the catastrophic effects caused by a massive failure of nuclear safety issues, there is a lot to worry about. It is a disturbing scenario weighing between the benefits and dangers posed by nuclear energy. Its waste products are the same in a limited way compared to other hazardous industrial processes. Toxic industrial applications, different from nuclear energy, can pollute the landscape. However, we cannot think of the impact that nuclear energy has on the landscape; we cannot even guess how many centuries it will take before the land can be reclaimed (Thomas, par. 1).

We are really committed to pursuing nuclear energy use, but we do not realize the dangers of this energy source. A reactor accident like the one with the nuclear energy plants cannot be compared to other industries (Cohen, par. 7-13). The challenge posed by nuclear energy sources will trouble the minds of scientists for a long period of time (Diesendorf, 23-67). The energy from nuclear power is limited by the dangers realized with the establishments. Nuclear energy is a source of power that is carrying a problematic characteristic, making the initial effort insignificant if not well-handled. It is interesting that if you consider making use of nuclear energy, you are doomed to destruction! Nuclear energy is nothing but a walking death-agent; a disastrous animal that walks around and worries the user in the yard.

It is a troubling scenario. It is a tricky endeavor. The advantages and drawbacks of using nuclear energy seem to be inseparable. Nuclear energy uses and risks are like an object with its shadow. They co-exist when there is light. It is how in the best way the use of nuclear energy can be portrayed. There is a troubling trend that despite its magnificence, nuclear energy will go a long way being underutilized, owing to the dangers linked to it. It has created a worrying effect that has caused the interest of those nations who use it fade away. For whatever reason nations would want to use nuclear energy, there have been fears that it would lead to catastrophic events. We should, therefore, take caution or will face the dangers of nuclear energy.

In conclusion, the discussion about nuclear energy in here is without malice towards none, with good faith for all. May caution be sought before using nuclear energy, may nations consult each other on what would be the best way of using this source. There shall not be regret in doing so, there shall not be lamentation. Human life is too special to be gambled with. It is, therefore, important for us all to move on and seek the solutions to the challenges posed by the use of nuclear energy.

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