Children and Parents

Children are born equally from their mothers’ wombs but as they grow up, they grow with totally different character. Once a child is born, he/she is exposed to the environment. This environment plays an important role in the development and nurturing of a character. Young kids hardly forget what they see or hear. When a child hears of something scary, he/she tends to keep off, far away from it due to existence of a hint on the effects of going against the belief. An example of Caesar in Bourgeois book is given. Caesar feared going to school because he heard that a certain guy, probably a teacher, once killed a kid. He and his friends therefore preferred loitering in the downtown streets to going school.

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Parents, teachers and even peers play a vital role in the life of a teenage. Both parents and teachers are expected to nurture their kids in an upright way that conforms to their traditions and norms. In most instances, children take after their parents duties since they see them as their role models. It is usual to hear a child telling another that he/she would want to be like his father or mother once he/she grows. From the excerpt, the reader is interacted with Primo. Primo was this young man born to a poor peasant farmer. His mother was a rural farmer who was very illiterate and could not even communicate. A communication barrier was therefore developed between Primos’ Mother and the educational instructors. Primo as a pupil was hence condemned to indiscipline, uncooperative and slow learner to his tutors. Primo would just idle in class while the lectures were given. It is clear that he neither made notes nor ask questions wherever he felt unsatisfied with the teachers explanation. Usually, most shy students occupy the back bench sits where their chances of been seen playing around are minimal. Further, primo tells us that boredom could lead him to doing some of his favorite decoration like graffiti. If not, he could all over sudden make noise visible so as to be thrown out of the class.

Poor selection of friends might be of a great devastation to young generations. There is always a saying that bad company ruins good morals and this is nothing but solemn truth. Some friends chosen are good while a good percentage may lead one to disaster. The use and the abuse of drugs usually emerge here, most especially as a result of peer influence. It is therefore not astonishing to see most of the individuals in this young generation leading deteriorated lives. In addition, this is a point where immorality erupts. Youths may be propelled to such immoral behaviors such as rape and majorly the use of abusive language as witnessed in chapter eight.

From my own point of view, I duly agree with the author. A person’s character is developed while he or she is still you. Their parents’ literacy level also matters a lot. We may come up with an assumption that the higher the literacy levels amongst parents, the lesser the indulgence of ones child in immoral behavior.  The vice versa is always true. Strong advices and a keen follow up from parents enable a child to be diligently hard working. This therefore reduces immoralities and downtown robberies. Further, the use of absurd language such as asshole is shunned.

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