Career Research Project

The companies that I selected for my study are: AT&T and Verizon communications companies. A number of factors contributed to the choices I made, and although each company has its reasons as to why I choose it, the key factor was that both companies fall in the career path I am taking. AT&T is an American based telecommunication company that offers affiliated wire line and wireless telecommunications services (Forbes pg 1). The reason as to why I chose AT&T specifically though is because of the possible career advancement I will gain from a company with its reputation.  A survey was conducted by fortune magazine on the most admired companies in different industries. The survey indicated that AT&T is the only company in the telecommunications industry that was ranked among the top 50 most admired companies (Fortune magazine 2010). Verizon Communications Company at the end of December 2010 had established an estimated customer base of 94.1 million. Its network was covering an estimated 292 million people. This is an established company and the flexibility presented by its corporate structure (Forbes magazine, pg 1) which is segmented to Wire line and domestic wireless is also appealing (Business week pg 1).

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The two companies are both established and both are based in the telecommunications industry. Other similarities between AT&T and Verizon Communication Company both operate in signals in the 700-MHz band. A  SWOT analysis of the AT&T establishes that one of the strengths of the company which is associated with the name AT&T which has a 120 year history in the telecommunications industry. The naming of the company as one of the most admired companies by fortune’s magazine in 2010 is also a strength. Potential opportunities that the company can exploit include expansion of its market to the Middle East, Africa and Europe. This is increasingly possible with the replacement of Verizon by AT&T as the biggest U.S phone company witnessed by the volumes of sales. Some of the possible threats that AT&T face include the sophisticated competition from established competitors like Google and Earthlink in the provision of free wireless internet (Kurtz pg 46).

Verizon communications is recognized as among the biggest providers of both broadband and wireless communication in America. The company has a customer base estimated at 49.3 million and twenty eight states. This is identified as one of the strengths of the company. The other Strength stems from the fact that the company has a large employee base approximated at 215,000 employees which has an effect of increasing the intellectual capital of the company. Efforts have been recently made by the company to offer completely integrated solutions to the customers, a strategy that will see the company more strongly established (The Wall Street Journal pg 1). Mergers of the company with other companies like GTE and since the two companies have different cultures; it has the effect of creating a weak corporate culture. The company also has another weakness which is witnessed in the age of most of its employees, with approximately 80%approaching their retirement age. An opportunity that is exploited by the company is that since the company has established a strong consumer base, it offers the company a competitive edge over the recently established competitors. Government policies and regulations are formulated in a way to encourage competition. An example of the policy is the imposition of a policy to the Verizon to lease lines of access to competing companies at reduced rates which could be as low as 6% of the wholesale price. This is a threat to the operations of the company.

The corporation that I will choose to work in after I have graduated, I have reached this decision after an evaluation of the employee benefits that are associated with the company. My career objective is well guided by the vision and mission of the two companies. Both organizations are potential and will have varying advantages and disadvantages. I find the employee benefits of AT&T are quite appealing to me. Career cannot be centred in one organization and as such the company that you start your career in is important in the near future but beyond that, other organizations will have different effect on your reputation as a professional. Although controversies have rocked AT&T in the recent past, and decisions that have an impact in the future of the company, with the recent court struggle with the department of justice over the acquisition of T-mobile USA worth $ 39 billion (The Wall Street Journal pg 1). I choose AT&T because it has a long history of approximately 120 years in the telecommunication industry and its experience will be crucial in my career. The position I would like to hold is that of the chief technology officer and the requirements for this position are: educational background on management information systems, Master’s degree in information technology, and knowledge on the information technology strategic plans of established telecommunication organizations.

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