Time goes by Very Quickly

Time goes by very quickly. Day by day we forget the events of the past, but their images remain in our hearts. I cannot but say that 9/11 had the same meaning for me as it had more than 10 years ago.

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Some time passed since it all had happened. However, every time the date is mentioned, I still have a clear image of it. Luckily, I was far away from the twin towers at that time. So were all of my relatives and friends. However, the people, who happened to be inside the buildings, were not guilty in any way and did not deserve this fate. Some of them worked there, and they had little chance to avoid their destiny. Others were visiting the place on certain reasons: tourism, business, etc. The reason all these people were inside is not that important. The essential part of this is responsibility for the lives of the innocent people. A few aggravated people got obsessed with the ideas of their own, hijacked the planes, and crashed them into the crowded buildings. Have not they thought about the people, whose lives they sacrificed? In this case, the end goal does not justify the means at all, as by killing so many innocent people the terrorists did not reach anything. On the contrary, this brought a lot of sorrow in the families of thousands, or possibly hundreds thousands of people. The fact that thousands of people were killed makes the things even worse. Intended homicide of a single person may become a tragedy, and we are talking about thousands of lives. Despite any goals, any individuals cannot take away other people’s lives for nothing. We cannot deprive anybody of life, since this person’s life does not belong to us.

When I think about the 9/11 events, I wonder what the government was thinking about. Every day we get a lot of unnecessary announcements about changes in the security policies, but does it really protect us better? I believe that talking about the issue will not solve it in any practical way. Our government has to predict the attacks, like the one that occurred on 9/11, not but eliminate the consequences of them. Government spends a lot of money on the military; but as for me, those money need to be invested in the more essential areas, like specifically national security enforcement. Having a lot of soldiers to clean up the mess after the terrorist attacks makes no sense to me. Our special agencies have got to predict and stop the attacks on the country way ahead of time. Innocent people do not have to suffer, like in the 9/11 case. Moreover, I feel that the citizens do not fall under the protection that they should have. In other words, I don’t think the government does everything that is required to stop the occurrences, like the one we discuss.

I believe that our entire society would benefit from the termination of any military operations abroad. This way the chances of getting the revenge from the offended citizens of other countries would drop significantly. I believe this is what happened in the 9/11 case. The US government took a way too big expansion in the Middle East and Arabic countries, which caused the response in the form of threats and terrorist attacks on the USA.

We have to remember about the 9/11 forever, since it was a good, though grievous, lesson to all of us. It showed the vulnerability of the national security, as well as the preparedness of the rescue services to save the lives of people. As for me, government should maintain its international relations in such a way that we never get attacked by the terrorists again, and the nation would not have to experience the mourning of 9/11/2001.

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