People Neglect listening

People often neglect listening regarding it as something that comes naturally to everybody. However, there are different listening styles, purposes, and obstacles for effective listening. Being aware of one’s own listening style helps a person to be a more effective listener and be more successful in dealing with various situations.

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Analyzing my own listening style I came to a conclusion that I am the most effective using a blend of action-oriented and people-oriented styles while there is still a lot to improve in content- and time-oriented styles. For example, while doing group projects I tend to concentrate on the task at hand and value information that is strictly on topic the most. It sometimes annoys me when people start talking about unrelated issues or explore some theoretical idea in more details than needed.

On the other hand, when being among my friends or family I always try to create a good relationship with them. I understand their mood and will never tell a joke that I know might distress somebody. While working at my part-time job lots of my colleagues liked talking to me because they said I was very considerate of their emotions and not judgmental.

People-oriented and action-oriented listening styles helped me a lot in different situations. Even in academic context wherever I encounter a person whom I have to work with but whom I do not particularly like I still try to tune into his or her mood and feelings to be able to work successfully. The knowledge of listening styles really advanced my communication skills.

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