Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

The life of Frederick Douglass is symbolic to the lives of many slaves as well as former slaves. Douglass’ fight for freedom is indeed worth admiring. He is also very devoted to the abolitionist cause. He fought for equality in United States all his life. Without a doubt, he can be considered as one of the most African-American leaders during the 19th century. He is one of the most renowned writers of the African American literature. His first autobiography was widely read. The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave was in print in 1845. This was only more or less seven years after he has escaped from being a slave. It sold approximately 5,000 copies during the first few months it was available. All through his life, he has produced several autobiographies in relation to his struggle for freedom and equality for the slaves in the country. Similar to the many slave narratives, the narrative of Douglass also came with support from white people who support the abolitionist cause.

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He begins his narrative with what he knows about the facts of his birth. Specifically, the facts he did not know. He even stated that he really does not know what his real age is. He also does not know who his father is although there are rumors that the master of the house is his father. He was also separated from his mother at an early age (Douglass). This was the common situation when it comes to the lives of the slaves at that time. They have no idea what their age is or who their father is. They are also separated from their mother. Douglass argues that the reason for this is the fact that the masters would want the slaves to remain ignorant. In the early part of the book, it has already caught my attention and my emotions as to the hardships of the lives of a slave at that time. One can see that the masters have complete control over the lives of the slaves which is a bit unfair. They also deprive knowledge from the slaves so that they will depend on the masters for all the things that they need all their lives. Even though slavery was abolished a long time ago, we can see that there remains discrimination against African American people due to this piece of history.

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