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I am going to lay out briefly my entire career in the following passages to let the reader understand my possession of skills and qualifications, as well as my current experience. So let me start with my education. I successfully graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, NY in 2001. On completion of this course of study, I was awarded with the Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. I am proficient in English and three foreign languages, including fluent French and Farsi. I currently study Arabic. In order to improve my skills and qualifications, I took a lot of extra classes. They were Basic Radio and Tactical communications/Navigation Classes, instructed by the FBI in Quantico, VA, taken in 2003. Next was the Detecting Danger Seminar in San Jose, CA in 2005. In order to be ready to provide emergency help, I passed an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), National & VirginiaState Certification, 2007. Later, improving my job proficiency, I attended Terrorism Liaison Officer Training in San Francisco, CA, 2007, Basic Counterterrorism Intelligence Analysis in Redwood City, CA, 2007, Continuity of Operations Program Manager's Train the Trainer Course in Shepherdstown, WV, 2007, Recruiting Officer Training for the U.S. Marshals Service in Arlington, VA, 2008, Public Affairs Officer Training for the U.S. Marshals Service in Arlington, VA, 2008 and Detecting Deception in San Francisco, CA, 2009. I’ve also attended the following classes within the last few years: Basic HR for Disaster Supervisors in Beaumont, TX, 2009, L-156 Building Design for Homeland Security for COOP, Train-The-Trainer Course (Risk Management Series) in San Francisco, CA, 2009, Terrorism Liaison Officer Basic Training in San Francisco, CA, 2009. The last classes I took had to deal with improving my cyber intelligence skills: Pedophilia, Paraphilias and the Online Offender in 2010, inOakland, CA, Chasing Cell Phones in 2010 inOakland, CA and Advanced Telephone Analysis 2.0 in2010 inOakland, CA.

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I was a panel member of the USMS OPREF panel of 2007.  One of my key tasks was to redesign the agency policy regarding moves within the USMS.  I played a direct role in developing these policies.  I helped to develop and shape these policies by suggesting changes that could be made to the former system, and ways in which deputies benefit more from a system that was geared more towards them.  One of my contributions was the implementation of early registration under OPREF to a new duty station. 

As a member of the JDIS PMO working group, I have reviewed approximately 75 complaints regarding JDIS/WIN.  I took the complaints from the deputies and referred them to the JDIS Merge working group to suggest that changes be made to the functionality of JDIS/WIN. 

As a Senior Inspector in the IIB, I have constant interaction with investigators in the field (Districts and RFTF's).  As a current member of the USMS Headquarters Facility Security Committee, I address complaints or concerns regarding the security and site safety of the USMS Headquarters buildings.

Since 2010, I have been the Senior Inspector in charge of all fugitive operations in the Middle East and Africa.  In that time, I have directed the budgetary resources of more than 25 international operations to include deportations and extraditions in the region.  

  In March, 2011, I spoke at the European Network on Fugitive Active Search Team (ENFAST) conference in Budapest, Hungary, where I delivered a speech on the policies of the USMS in regards to fugitive investigations and the protocols/procedures for international investigations. I established international policy regarding fugitive investigations in Eastern Europe.

On July 29th, 2011, I taught a class on International Investigations for the Sex Offender Investigations Branch at the Sex Offender Investigations Coordinator training at the NationalCenter for Missing and Exploited Children in Alexandria, Virginia. 

My entire career is dedicated to improving national security, and I constantly improve my skills in order to get an even better officer.

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