It should be noted that everything we see on television affects our attitude towards the things going on around us and changes our point of view upon the way we should look. It is not difficult to understand that famous actresses shown by Hollywood impose on the public the opinion how beautiful and successful women should look like. They create the image of an ideal beauty that must be slim. It seems that fat people are ugly and should have to do everything possible to lose weight. The contemporary society does not percept fat women as beautiful ones. I think this happens because of the images created by Hollywood in its movies. Even advertisements introduced by television show only slim bodies. This action contributes to the public’s attitude towards human appearance. That is why it is not fashionable to be even a bit fatter than Hollywood starlets.

People seem to have forgotten that every person is unique and it is not a good idea to make everyone have the same figure. Magazine covers, television shows, advertisements, and movies may not only instill feelings of inadequacy in young women, but could also lead young men to believe that women who do not look like the models on the covers are falling short of the mark. Men tend to like slim ideal figures as well, forgetting about good characteristic features that only fat women possess. The latter are kinder and more housewifely than slim women with ideal forms. Male attitude towards slim bodies affected my attitude towards my own figure greatly. During my studies I saw how men turned round when they saw a slim girl passing by. They demonstrated no reaction if there was a fat one instead of a slim girl. It seemed that only people with perfect bodies deserve attention and recognition. Young girls also paid more attention to slim men.

Seeing such a tendency, I understood that several extra kilograms my body has prevent me from better life. I understood that something should be done for me to lose “extra” weight. I started studying various fashionable diets and exercises. I minimized the amount of my meals. All these actions led to several serious problems with my health. A bit later I understood that no fashion is worth human health. Someone should be a bit fatter to differ from a group of slim clones that can be seen everywhere and look practically alike. I understood that I only lacked confidence to like my body and it took much time to learn not to pay attention to magazine covers and movies with slim figures. Nevertheless, when I succeed in this, my life changed for the better. I stopped living under the pressure of ideals imposed on use by Hollywood, advertisements, and magazines.

In fact, less kilograms in body does not make people happier. It is a myth created by the same Hollywood. This point of view is proved by Sandra Hurtes in her article “Weighing in.” She has a very interesting point of view upon slim actresses. Thus, Sandra says that she feels pity for slim girls from the screen; it seems that they have nothing to eat, although they earn millions. Watching such people makes Sandra hungry. I think that everyone should have such an attitude towards actresses. They must make our appetite better and have no influence on our point of view upon ourselves. It is their job to look slim and our goal is not to let Hollywood make us believe in its ideal image of beauty. It is better to be fat than have problems with health because of malnutrion.

To sum up, it is necessary to stress that slimness is not the only thing that make people beautiful and attracts attention. One should be confident, happy, and positive to be liked by the public. It is not a good idea to follow Hollywood’s ideals to become happier. Who said that they are correct ones? Niranjana Lyer in “Weight of the World” states that she had no problems with figure until she came to the United States. She was too slim in India, but became too fat in America. It is the result of people’s attitude, magazines and movies she saw in this country.

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