Go Back to May, 1937

The evidence that the speak brought out in examining the question why the daughter should stop her parents from marrying each other is substantiated in various aspect. The daughter in her own belief thinks her parents are wrong people for each other. She fears that they are going to do bad things they cannot imagine they could ever do. In their innocents, the daughter seems to be much aware of their mismatch in their personality. They appear to her not to be compatible in every little sense. As much as they appear nice to each other and they are just a bout to finish their studies, the daughter sees naivety in their innocents. According to her life in school is characterized by fantasies and huge expectation. The shorter period the parent may have spent together cannot be overstretched to represent the rest of their entire life. She very well knows that she will be a victim of circumstance  (Jurmain, Kilgore & Trevathan, 2008). In her description she brings out untamed spirit that exists between the two. She described her father strolling out under the ochre sandstone arch with low moods. The low moods are signified by bent plates of blood behind his head. Her mother in the other seems to be lost in her thoughts. She was standing in a pillar with few light books at her hips and behind her was wrought-iron gate still open behind her. This show how serious she was in crossroads. She is not quite certain sure about what lays a head of her in her life. In the light of all her description her fear is well founded. She is imagining how they will ever suffer in a way it is never heard of. She confirms her worst fear that her parents will finally die  (Jurmain, Kilgore & Trevathan, 2008).

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The daughter condemns in every possible term her parents marrying each other. She confirmed her worst fears but there was positive site of the all story. In the first place, her existence without the two marrying each other cannot be a subject of discussion. She would not be born or if at all she is born and her belief hold, then she will be born to single parent. Weighing out the both side of the story it is better she is born to face her worst fear rather than not to be born at all. There are also a quite number of aspects that the daughter seems to have overlook. Her parents are educated, they are about to graduate and that means they are anticipating a bright future (Brookfield, 2011). Moreover, in her own words she gave her parents’ admirable physical outlook and moral uprightness. She describes her mother to be pitiful beautiful with untouched body. This shows the preparedness to bring up a successful marriage. In her own description her mother appears to be putting a lot of attention to every aspect of her life. For such a personality nothing that touches on the core of their life can go wrong so easily. Similarly, her father in her own words depicts an outstanding personality. She describes him as pitiful handsome with untouched body. This shows a strong personality that is mores less the ones of her mother to be. He demonstrated the focus in his life in the career and morality uprightness. The compatibility in the personality of the two is an attribute that is the fundamental to every successful marriage (Brookfield, 2011).      

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