Cultural Experience

A. Background information     

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This was a cultural event that was held on the 23rd Friday of March in the Orlando National Theater the year 2010.It is an event that had a great attendance of hundred and eighty persons in the audience as compared to the early anticipated attendance of hundred and fifty. All the cultural undertakings from the eastern, the central as well as the western African regions were represented This was an event to showcase the African cultural undertaking and it was organized and made successful by the International Students Club(ISC).It was programmed to commence at around 6.oopm in the evening though it was delayed for a while.

The event was aimed at showcasing the various cultures in USIU to the general public trough the different hilarious civilizing and traditional tricks to the public enlightment and the gratification of both body and relaxation of soul. it incorporated activities such as the cultural poetic slams, songs and traditional dances, the various skits in addition to the African fashion shows. Further more the students from the various African countries such as Zimbabwe, Kenya and Burundi did sing their national anthems which symbolized their loyalty to the cultural perspectives that are glued to their compositions. The event was highlighted by the wide variety of cultural food that was cooked and served in the outside buffet tents at a reasonable fee. It was a concoction of the Nigerian, the delicious Cameroonian as well as the authentic Kenyan and Ugandan artistic dishes. This was an event open to all the interested parties who wanted to know more about the various cultures that are available at USIU. Due to the large turn out at the event it was a sensation.

B. Critical analysis

1).This event “Africa cultural finest” as it was referred to by the organizers was held on the Friday the 23rd of March 20101 in the famous Orlando national theatre. It involved the various artistic performances from the African countries who include amongst others the “kayamba Africa” music group from Kenya and a thrilling performance by the Zimbabwean finest “Oliver Mutukudzi”.Being organized by the International students club (ISC), it was an event that did successfully depict the cultural perspectives of African countries through the students who originated From there and were studying at USIU.

I choose this event for its authenticity and ability to facilitate the recognition of the African culture in the United States of America through the student leadership. It was an event that was exciting and failure of attendance someone left out as student at the USIU and someone who loves culture. I am very much into cultural studies especially the African Music and dance and this event was based on my area of interest and that is why I settled for it. I gained much from the event especially the food compositions and their tradition mode of presentations.

2). Africa cultural finest event enabled one to know the way one moves with the African dance performers and the décor as well as costumes linked to it. One is able to feel the authenticity of the tunes and costumes that are glued to it. It is an experience that is accompanied by the naturality of the African dreams to liberation in the near future.

The event implied that cultural dances and songs, meals and poems are a liberty that we should be proud of and use it to reach out to the rest of the world due to the connectivity it creates to the rest of the globe. Importantly this event was meant to facilitate the opening of between students as they danced and ate the African delicacies together.

Humanity is about creating connections and fun for the enjoyment of by the people. Its themes do revolve around the cultural points of view and the attendance in the Africa cultural finest event was related to the humanities thematic concerns and goals.

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