Club Structure and Soccer Academies

Produce a complete diagram/family tree of a local professional soccer team.

A diagram of the football posts shall rely on the game tactic which has been premeditated for a particular period of time. The principal football pitch posts are as given in appendix I.

Comprehending the measurements of a soccer pitch is as imperative as identifying the chart of football position. The length of a football pitch ranges from between ninety (90) and one hundred and twenty (120) meters. The breadth ranges from between forty five (45) and ninety (90) meters. 

Highlight two key positions from within your chart, describing their roles and responsibilities in shaping the organization

In this paper, I shall highlight the roles and responsibilities of a midfielders and forwards. Midfielders play at the center of the pitch. However, they run the whole pitch. A football team has typically 2 to 4 midfielders. Midfielders play a crucial role throughout the game. They usually pass the ball to the forward(s). On the other hand, the task of the forward(s) is to score goals for the team.  For this reason, the success of the team depends to a greater extent on forwards.

In addition, choose a Soccer Academy or Soccer Performance Centre of Excellence and research its history and evaluate its success in soccer development within a community as well as its ability in developing professional players.

The US Premier Soccer Academy is situated on Long Island, New York City. The Academy has been at the front position of football instruction in United States of America since the year nineteen hundred and eighty one (1981). It was established with the notion that each kid has a right to achieve whichever level he or she desires and labors towards.  The management of the club is zealous as far as the game is concerned. Additionally, it believes that it is not simple to achieve success. Dedication is imperative as much as attainment of objectives is concerned. Therefore, the management endeavors to craft this environment. The United Soccer Academy utilizes age as a guideline. But it promotes players on capability grounds as opposed to age. This is aimed at ensuring that the players don’t turn out to be satisfied. Furthermore, it ensures that the players are at all times challenged as a result of which the fun in the game is preserved for the players. The Academy offers kid with the chance of partaking in football. It also provides them with a chance of embracing soccer at a superior level. It has produced many professional players since its inception.

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