The Leadership Experience

Leadership refers to a social influence process, in which an individual has the ability to guide and assist other people in the achievement of a given goal. Hence, a leader has to guide others and be tactful in order to ensure the achievement of the set goal. The certain attributes of the effective leader are therefore enthusiastic and passionate approach towards his actual activities. A leader is able to motivate his followers and improve the work environment through enthusiasm (DuBrin, 2009).

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Another important feature of the effective leader is a self-confidence. Normally it is difficult for workers to follow the leaders who are unstable. Conversely, confidence makes workers put their trust in their leader, which results in improved and sustained performance of their work. Accountability is also among the attributes of an effective leader. The latter does not lay blame on the others, but guides them and takes responsibility of challenges that arise. Being a good communicator is also an attribute of the effective leader. The lack of effective communication from a leader usually results into problems (Daft & Lane, 2008). Additionally, an effective leader is innovative, being able to determine the new ways through which problems can be fixed. Finally, the effective leaders are emotionally mature, knowledgeable and show empathy..

The capacity source of an individual to become an effective leader has been debated for a long time. Some people argue that leaders are born, while the others say that they are made. The presented paper supports the idea of the made leaders. Humans are born with certain tendencies like shyness, masculinity and risk-taking. The physical and social environments affect these tendencies (Tracy, 2010). Hence, a person who is masculine and expected to be a leader may grow in an environment that does not guide him towards leadership. Additionally, the effective leadership is recognized by a particular context,thus leaders are made and not born. However, some leaders like Dalai Lama are born as such. The society gives them a leading role even though they may not be effective leaders. Hence, it shows that the effective leaders are rather made than born.    

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