Strategic Management: Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is an American international corporation having its headquarters in Cupertino, California (Meyer 2010). The corporation is involved in designing and selling computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers. It is considered to be the second largest information technology corporation in the entire world with regards to revenue, immediately after Samsung Electronics. It is also considered the global third mobile phone producer after Samsung and Nokia. Colby (2010) asserts that for several years, Apple Inc. has been the most popular corporation among its consumers and investors. Consumers have serious connection with the Apple’s cool touch products that are a combination of technology and artistic designs. Every time the company launches new products, consumers rave about the incredible touch and creativity used. Investors are always involved in chasing the stocks of Apple Inc. which creates essential momentum for propelling the company’s stocks to high levels (Barena 2012). Apple Inc. has enjoyed a lot of success and returns because of their hard work and continuous innovative processes. However, in recent years, consumers and investors have shown less enthusiasm for the products of the company. For instance, the iPhone 4S has received little enthusiasm. This has been due to the several challenges most corporations face, and Apple is among the numerous affected companies.

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Challenges Faced by Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is facing major challenges that have contributed to the slowing down of its momentum and buzz among its consumers and investors. For instance, technology is one of the challenges. Male (2010) explains that there is an evidence that the Apple’s radical innovation machine is running out of stream. Some of their new innovations seem to be imitations with slight improvements of the projenitor products. The slight improvements are seen in both the products’ technical capabilities and physical attributes. This technological challenge may be attributed by the reduced capability of Apple Inc. designers and innovators, which is bound to cause reduction in returns. Once at the top, consumers and investors always want to see their corporation higher than before. If this is not the case, withdrawals are bound to occur, and the company can fail.

Leadership challenge is also a serious factor in Apple Inc. The company is in the midst of its leadership transition, which has cast an uncertainty cloud over its future. The past leaders have made the company thrive tremendously, and it will be quite difficult for Apple Inc. to go higher levels without them. For example, Steve Jobs saw the rise of Apple Inc. from scratch to the multinational corporation (Mourdoukoutas 2011). Leadership in the company has been charismatic, visionary, technological, and innovative. Knowledge of the market is also vital in business and it should always be accompanied with strong strategic management. Otherwise, any corporation is bound to fail. A good and strategic leadership of Apple Inc. is the only way to be successful, and the corporation needs a strong and strategic leadership just as the forerunner leaders.

Oxbridge writers (2011) assert that competition challenges are also experienced by the company, although to a less extent. Its competition challenges and barriers to innovation have been formidable in most circumstances. Any company trying to competitively challenge Apple Inc. has not been successful, exept for Nokia. However, the company is facing serious competition challenges in the iPad and iPhone markets. The tablet market is also introducing serious competitive challenges to Apple Inc. where most competitors release new products that challenge the Apple Inc. products. Market competitors like the online seller and Google have given Apple Inc. a lot of heat, particularly in the tablet and Android phones market (Colby 2010). Apple Inc. therefore, needs to up its game and catch up with the new technologies to suit the needs of the consumers.

The economic challenge facing most of the business firms and institutions in the world is also felt by the Apple Inc. which may seem to portray a strong brand in most markets. The strong brands and technological products among the consumers make demands for Apple products inelastic (Elmer-DeWitt 2012). However, the market sales of these products are sensitive to the impeding economic situations in the world, for instance, the recessions experienced in most parts of the globe.

There have been numerous strategic resolutions in the electronic and computer technologies in the recent years. Apple Inc. is among the top corporations taking the strategic management responsibility (Barena 2012).This starts at getting to know and understand the needs and desires of the consumers and the entire market. Consumers are the eyes of a business company, and without them, business cannot flourish. Therefore, offering to them their needs at affordable prices is essential for Apple Inc. The company has strategic capabilities combined with innovative stances aimed at managing the company in the best way (The Times of India 2012). The challenges faced by Apple Inc. are serious and require thorough attention. Effective attentions often need strategic development and management of the corporation’s capabilities in an innovative way making it difficult for competitors to compete. In case of technological challenges, the company requires fresh and new innovative minds, which will enhance the creation and design of new products in the market. New designs in the market are bound to attract more consumers and investors. Leadership challenge can be corrected through serious training of new minds in the company. Many Steve Jobs is what the company requires, and training people on the best, strategic ways will resuscitate the company (Male 2010). Economic challenges are a matter of global concern however, with proper management of finances Apple Inc. is able to overcome the recession problem experienced by many companies. Through appropriate strategies with regards to sustaining its profits, Apple Inc. can achieve competitive advantage against its competitors. Strategic management enables Apple Corporation to maintain the competitive advantage on its rivals in the market. All these major challenges are interrelated and solving one leads to the solving of another. The management at Apple Inc. has the responsibility of ensuring serious running of the corporation (Oxbridge Writers 2011). Strategic management and capabilities will enable the company to be adequate and suitable in the way it utilizes its resources and competences. Prosperity is the dream of any company, and with proper strategies in place, for curbing all challenges, Apple Inc. will for sure prosper and survive any barrier.


Apple Inc. is a vast corporation operating internationally and covering most regions of the world. The company has enjoyed success in most economic years, but recently this success has been reduced due to some challenges faced by the corporation. The Apple Inc. faces major challenges among them, technological, leadership, economic and competition. However, these barriers are solvable and all the company requires is strategic management. Through set and fully implemented strategies, Apple Inc. can still top the list of world’s most successful companies.

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