Press Release Evaluation: JP Morgan Press Release

The target audience is the corporate customers who deposit their monies with JP Morgan. This audience have been addressed and identified correctly given that the new service being introduced is meant for them. Notably, the press release identifies the need for release to the audience: designed and established in order to assist corporate clients overcome their challenge of predicting preceding short-period maturities (JP Morgan 1).

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In my opinion, I think that the press release has been effective and efficient in relaying significant levels of information to the interested parties. The piece has used simple vocabularies which are easy to understand for all the target audience concerned. Another element of effective communication in this press release is the design adopted by the piece so that different sections have distinct and explanatory headings that are bolded in order to increase visibility and efficiency in that matter.  For this reason, the audience is able to locate relevant material within a short-period of time. The date of publication for the press release has also been provided in order to ascertain relevancy of the current information.

The press release has also used statistics in order to ascertain the level of assistance expected by the introduction of the new venture. For instance, the press release provides the assumption that more than 135,000 corporate clients across 180,000 countries continue to use services offered by the Bank. Subsequently, the press release mentions that about $18.2 million asset-worth is entrusted with the Bank across 100 countries (JP Morgan 1). Statistics have been used to reflect emphasis on the level of trust attributed to the Bank in handling client-assets thus corporate clients are assured of investment-security with the bank.

There are also direct links provided within the text. These links are meant to provide easy navigation to the audience thus ensuring that significant information is accessed and used in evaluating the release as a whole. These links have been availed within texts in order to grasp the attention of the reader into conducting vast research about the Bank before placing their respective investments: time deposits. It should be noted that this methodology of presenting data is attractive to potential investors and thus increases chances of investing with the Bank.

In my opinion, I think that the press release has adhered to their ethical responsibility while presenting the press release to the corporate clients. This has been achieved through provision of relevant data that is presented in a true and fair approach. The communication path has been used in a rightful manner for the greater good of every potential client across the globe. There is also the element of positive ethics given that statistics have been deployed in a correct layout with references provided for the same. This has been done in order to present the true worth of the Bank (JP Morgan 1).

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