Motivated Sequence

Television commercial is one among the techniques used in the communication process. It involves the audience who are the listeners and an informer of information. The audience is the vital element who enhances the progress of television commercial. However, this can be achieved via a motivate sequence that enhance a persuasive speech. Monroe’s motivated sequence is one among the persuasive speech device designed to motivate listeners to take an act in communication issue. It was established by an instructor at the University of Iowa known as Alan Monroe. Monroe’s motivated sequence is an authorized device that is often used public related issues since it is highly recognized for its effectiveness in attaining persuasive speech.

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Below are the various proposed steps that act as an effective motivation tool.


This step in mainly used to get the audience attention. It is a similar way of introducing part of an informative speech. This can be achieved by posing a question, preferably a rhetorical one, using a quote from a famous person or a recognized tale, at the beginning of the speech. This helps the audience to be keenly attentive during the delivery of the speech.


There is need of describing the problem as most of the audience does not know the existence of the problem. The negative terms and credible evidence of the problem should be stated hence used to demonstrate it as an actual dispute.


Once the problem is established, the next step is to offer a workable, reasonable strategy that enables the audience to solve the dispute. This step is very vital since it is where the audience takes action; therefore the solution kept across should be well previewed. The easier the solution the will the audience is to take action compared to a hard and time-consuming solution.  It is also in this step where the objective to be done by the audience is proposed.


There is the need to create a visual image of the audience taking an act. This can be done by showing the audience how the world will be great as a result of them taking the required action or how the world will be terrible as a result of them taking the wrong action.


This is equivalent to the conclusion part of informative speech. This is done by making a summary of all the steps involved and highlighting to the audience the need of their actions in the speech. The television commercial can have a persuasive speech by making sure it accomplishes the above steps in order. It should also be able to know its audience very well.

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