Marketing Plan

Mobile Access Consumer Services (MACS) is a company specializing in mobile marketing. MACS extends the reach of its services making them accessible to the target market. It incorporates both service access and service delivery so as to connect consumers in the target market to the wide range of available consumer services. The company uses an approach of serving the local areas in a strategic manner through deploying delivery services without necessarily increasing costs (MACS, 2013).

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Target Market

The services offered by the MACS company target the local market in the states of New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. The company delivers services not alone, but in collaboration with certain service organizations. The services are delivered through partnership agreements, referral agreements or affiliation agreements. In order to attract the target market, MACS guarantees the creation of influential strategies, which can improve sustainability of initiatives that aim at self-sufficiency. The company improves the manner of connection with regard to transitional services among the groups with special needs, which can involve individuals or whole families (MACS, 2013). All people with special needs in the three states represent the target market for MACS.

MACS targets to serve these populations because of the recent cutbacks in the government-sponsored service programs they received. The major causes of this reduction were the incredible increase in population of such communities and lack of resources to serve them. These special groups have experienced numerous challenges that made it hard for them to live comfortably. On the other hand, government sponsors also see the increased populations as a challenge since they cannot sustain the vital services they offered to the groups because of the reduced funding they get (Berkebile, 2009). For this reason, MACS has marketing plans to provide its target market with low cost and affordable ways of services.

Target Market Demographics

MACS serves a wide range of population with no discrimination. It provides services for both young and elderly, both disabled and healthy individuals as long as they are in need of the company’s services (Berkebile, 2009). People released from prison, the homeless, people with HIV/AIDS, victims of domestic violence, people from all races, both high income and low income earners, employed and unemployed are all targeted and served by MACS.

Target Market Geography

Geographically, MACS serves its intending purchasers through market segmentation to states like the Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Local agencies and community-based organizations are also used in service provision, and this depends on the service needs of a given special group and the market segment (Riley, 2012). The company concentrates on prime institutional markets, for example, the New Jersey Department of Corrections and the Veteran Administration.

Target Market Psychographics

MACS also utilizes behavioral and lifestyle segmentation to identify its target market. For instance, low income earners have a certain lifestyle where they prefer the use of low-cost services available at the company (Riley, 2012). The behaviors of people released from prison and those having HIV/AIDS can be well understood by MACS service providers since they deal with such special groups.

Market Needs and Their Fulfillment

Mission of the MACS company is to provide customers with their needs in time and at affordable price. The needs of these customers include data management, communication and information services that will connect them to others and resolve the problem of accessibility. Since a large percentage of the served population are people with special needs, the MACS is responsible for ensuring that the groups are connected to different organizations, businesses and institutions; such strategy helps to facilitate service exchanges and transactions (MACS, 2013).

The customers value low-cost services or affordable prices because of their different special conditions. They also prefer timely services coupled with services like delivery offers, and the MACS is at the forefront in offering all these needs. The company uses a plan in harnessing its networks to provide services to all markets in all geographic locations. Service provision throughout the regions is enabled through gaining visibility of the target market base. The MACS does this through sales presentations, email programs, neighborhood-based communications, memberships and civic group events, which enable the company to be aware of the different needs of the target market. Meeting customers’ needs also requires a sustainable service provision in the market so as to keep the concept of the company and its services engaged in the market targets and opportunities (MACS, 2013). Main areas of concentration when dealing with meeting customers’ needs are the costs, time and provision of services. Meeting needs requires the company to provide innovative ways in order to demonstrate perfect practices in service provision and delivery. Reduction of the service delivery cost and time coincides with the demands of the target market. Capability of content delivery can also be expanded, while the complexity and exchange of transactions can be made friendlier to the target market.

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