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Motivation is a very important aspect of the effective work. That is why, companies’ managers should take into consideration their employees’ motivation, since without motivation it would be very difficult to reach success and build an effective company. There are many motivation theories, which explain the different factors of employees’ motivation. However, we believe that the best explanation of decreased motivation can be provided by the Expectancy theory, which has been developed by Porter and Lawler.

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 According to this theory, the results achieved by employees depend on three variables: effort, ability and character, as well as their awareness of their role in the labor process. The level of the effort in turn depends on the value of rewards and person’s belief in the existence of a link between the efforts and the potential rewards. Achieving the required level of performance can lead to internal rewards, as well as to external rewards. Satisfaction is the result of external and internal award, considering its fairness. Satisfaction determines how valuable the reward is. The main conclusion of this theory is that productive work leads to satisfaction, which increases the productivity.

Motivational theory of Porter and Lawler has made a significant contribution to the understanding of motivation. Theory proves how important it is to combine concepts such as effort, ability, results, reward, satisfaction and perception into a single coherent system.

That is why, the company should provide all its employees with a link between employees’ efforts and their reward. Employees’ motivation will increase in such case and productivity of work will be improved. In fact, companies should provide a proper estimation of employees’ work. To conclude, the main recommendation to all companies is to show their employees that workers’ performance and desire of work will be appropriately estimated.

According to my answers, the most valuable work-related rewards for me are the following: good pay, prestigious title, recognition, interesting work, chances to advance, and flexible schedule. At the same time, such work-related rewards as vacation time, job security, pleasant conditions, and friendly coworkers are less valuable for me. However, these preferences can be changed, according to my age and kinds of the performed job. For example, older people are usually richer and, that is why, good pay will not be so valuable for them.

Additionally, it can be said, that any person is able to attain each of these rewards completely, since if some one has a goal, nothing can stop him/her. The chances of receiving these rewards will be improved in the future, since each person is studying continuously hence his/her skills and qualification will be increased.

It should be noted that work-related rewards which are valuable for me might tur out to be less important for other people, since each person has its own individual character and preferences. That is why some reward that can be valuable for me might be less presious for someone else.

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