Interpretation of an Advertisement

In the  present  world today , the  mass  media  such as the television, magazine tend to use the  advertisements as  channel to convey  meaningful information to a larger population. This is made possible by use of various devices such as narratology, genre, semiology and rhetorical questions. The devices used in the advertisement result to different ways of advertisement. It is via  the combination and choice  of  various signs where the promotion and demand of a commodity  increase and in case of a given valid  data is delivered to the target group .this is  mostly witnessed in beauty product  since the tools used in an advertisement  enhance a product, its brands and often celebrities to join hands , to anchor a product  establish an accepted belief of the product  that  increases the sale of the product worldwide. The advertisement erases one fear and doubts of a given commodity or issue since the myth installed in one’s mind produces a complex network of signs that changes or improve the one’s thoughts of the advertised commodity or concept.

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The concept of advertisement can be clearly understood by analyzing an advertisement. A good sample of and advertisement  is a sub-genre  of Dolce and  Gabbana publications,  which was established in the early this publication a fragrance advertisement  is aired  all over the continent  based on beauty and attractiveness  of human beings to the opposite  gender. All along the advertisement there is a mutual convention for a celebrity that includes a high profile about a model who is used to promote the product. In this advertisement Scarlett Johansson, is used as an actress who is the focused base of the current advertisement operation for Dolce and Gabbana’s perfume which has being campaigned for a long duration but by appointing different model such as Giselle. Despite of the fact that it uses different model does not prevent Scarlett Johansson to boost the credibility of the product. This is seems a cunning and the best technique since most of the modernized females likes celebrities therefore admires their success and beauty. This notion does not only make the ladies to notice the product, but as well relate it with the model’s glamour, beauty and success.

It is realized that  the tools used Dolce and Gabbana’s  advert on the perfume goes further miles than exactly what one can view hence establishing  a certain  effect  like making the ladies believe the allegory generated, that when one purchases  the fragrance they will become seductive and  glamorous. This act as iconic sign since Scarlett Johansson’s photo, who is a well-known celebrity, is used in the advert which most ladies concentrate onto. The fact that in the photo Scarlett Johansson seems to be pointing to her lips aids to inflate the lips as the central focus of the product.  However a person by the name, Goffman, tends goes ahead by saying that women are often viewed to touch things using their hands in advertisements and therefore, self-touching often represents the idea of their bodies being valuable, which inflates the impression of Johansson being beautiful and special.

The advertisements should avoid the usage of irritating words such as saying that women are as sex objects, since they may result to stout negative reactions. The retailer may avoid this more effectively, by use of  a photo of an good-looking female model without exposing the  sexuality .This strengthens the idea  behind why Johansson seems to be watching in miles , instead of directly out at the observer. The symbolic written script on the advertisement is found in the part consisting of the signature of Dolce and Gabbana and via where this symbolic sign is recognized and hence combined with the brand of the fragrance.

The various statement altered by other fellows in beauty aspect  such as that  the glamour and advertisement surrounds it existing potential consumers with leading ideals of feminine appearance, tend to  contribute a lot on Dolce and Gabbana’s perfume .this is because the feminist sees the essence of the product  especially that it is  also advocated by others. In the advertisement one depicts the ‘ideal’ woman and tend to accept the myth that women can as well be ‘ideal’ one they purchase the product. The advertisement makes ladies have the notion that if one purchase certain products is inappropriate since they do not signify genuine ideas of the ‘real’ woman. This makes the ladies to respond  to the feminist critics proposing the advertisement is a technique  of social power, since it highly affect the women  on issues base on cosmetics  level since one belief in outcome similar to the actress in the photo when one uses the product.  Most of the feminist theorists as well tend to believe that advertisements like on the perfume are unfairly defining an unrealistic idea of femininity. Danna’s idea show that Scarlett Johansson is usually good-looking to westernized societies but this appearance of a slim and pale female is considered unappealing by many other cultural societies,

It is true to say that this advert is smartly designed by making use of   many tools to generate the ideas of beauty, luxury, glamour, femininity and seduction. Dolce and Gabbana’s advert is successfully lunched whereby it connotes the myth that if one purchases the fragrance Scarlett Johansson, will be glamorous, beautiful, attractive and in addition like the ‘ideal’ woman. The whole idea makes Dolce and Gabbana’s advertisement effective since it is able to change a woman into a modernized lady by winning the mind of many feminist by making them belief on the myth of the product. The myth is based on the model’s photo that transmits the information.

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