E-Commerce at Williams-Sonoma

The case problems that are the main causes of the e-commerce hiccups in the Williams-Sonoma includes amongst others the ones hereby discussed.

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Failed marketing initiatives: Due to the executive team’s resistance to embrace the unit’s effort to the marking initiatives the result was a failure in the efforts that a member of the organization had proposed. The executive did not give enough room for the development and expansion of the initiatives directed at marketing the ventures business and the likeliness of attaining success in e-commerce.

Unreasonable revenue realization: The organization for long did not realize good results and it kept on changing the strategies and the programs that it committed capital into. Despite the various proposals by the other organizations that felt the most favorable way of E-commerce at Williams was through a particular strategy, the executive team did not embrace them. Due to this it was not able to realize the profits that it could have if it was ready to put these practices into realities.

 Giving into the Spiegel-time Warner proposal: This is a corporation that approached Williams Sonoma with an offer of selling the catalogs through the cable channels. It involved a wide variety of the big players and the initiative was well backed financially. Through it the risk that was Williams-Sonoma was exposed to was considered to be minimal and this is what influenced the company into the contract. According to the executive, Connolly, this was their initial website and due to its rigidity it wasn’t easy to diversify the product hence it turned out to be a failure and a serious drain of the resources. This situation was influenced by executive team need of skiving the responsibilities and getting into the contract where they felt only the big parties were incorporated. Secondly the need of wanting to realize more in returns after a short while could also have influenced the decision to engage into the contract that ended up draining resources instead of bringing in revenues to advance the production process.

The probable solutions to some of these matters are specific and critical to the realization of the realistic success from the e-commerce at Williams Sonoma. To have successful marketing initiates work, the organizations executive team has to embrace diversity and flexibility. This is due to the fact the organization was not able to go far as Leading team was rigid and did not give room for the variations in the strategies that were to be adopted. Secondly, the skiving of a risk taking role has made the organization to fail in literally many of the website designed to partake business to the next level. Thus as a solution to the failed marketing initiatives the entity should be ready to take the risks associated with business individually.

To be able to have reasonably valued business profits, the organization should be able to adopt the systems that can steer business to the positive side at the expense of appending signatures on a red tape system due to the parties involved.

It was not reasonable for the organization to surrender into Spiegel-time Warner proposal and stereotype failure to other potential and productive systems. This is because each of them had a likeliness of giving out outputs that are realistic and would steer the venture into realization of better revenues.

My recommendation to the organization to have a flexible system and adopt systems not because of the players involved but the ability to realize revenues and driving e-commerce into a reality in Williams-Sonoma e-business. An adaptation of a system not because it is somehow related to the prior failed one is not positive. The organization executive’s team should on the other hand have systems that are likely to give reasonable results.

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