Customer Relations Questions

Question 1

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Customer relation is a general term that describes the services offered to clients and the interactions that exist between them and a company. There are certain factors which companies must consider to achieve positive customer relations. Lack of adherence to these factors can lead to loss of customers. The lack of consideration of these conditions has made me stop doing business with a grocery store. Listening is an important factor that all companies must consider. Through listening, companies are able to meet the needs of their customers and improve their performance. However, the manager of the grocery store in my estate did not listen to the complaints I made about the quality of the foodstuffs sold. The products were stale and I had to stop buying from the store. The manager was also unresponsive and could not provide prompt assistance. Responsiveness is a factor which companies must consider to enhance their relationships with customers. The lack of responsiveness made me develop a negative attitude towards the store. He provided slow assistance and this led to dissatisfaction.  

Question 2

There are three categories of customer turnoff. These are value, people and system turnoffs. Value turnoff occurs when one does not get worth for money spent. For example, I received stale foodstuffs from the grocery store. People turnoff takes place when there is poor communication. The manager of the grocery store turned me off due to his unresponsiveness. Finally, system turnoff occurs when the delivery processes are poorly organized. The provision of slow assistance at the grocery store led to system turnoff.  

Question 3

The provision of feedback systems to clients is important in the creation of customer satisfaction. Companies can be in their customers’ position to ensure client satisfaction is achieved. They can also ease the process through which customers can make their comments and suggestions known to achieve customer satisfaction. Additionally, companies should be open and transparent. They should make customers’ feedback public to gain trust. Finally, can conduct surveys based on information gained from customer feedback systems. This makes customers be satisfied since they will know that the organization listens to them.

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