Boost Juice Marketing Strategies


Boost Juice is considered the fastest growing business in Australia. Boost Juice has many bars in Australia that offer a wide range of juice fruits (Fung, 2013). It is in a campaign plan of Boost Juice to offer people a substitute to replace fast foods. The juice varieties are all made with the close monitoring of a professional nutritionist. The work of a nutritionist is to ensure that all the products are free of fat and artificially made flavors. The philosophy of Boost Juice is “Love Life” (Kirby, 2005).

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Marketing Strategies

The marketing strategies and activities of Boost Juice are performed in different ways using the formula known as the JAM factor. In the JAM factor ‘J’ stands for juxtaposition. All the activities of Boost Juice are juxtaposed. The activities are well thought of and executed in a way that is different from the long established way of retailing. At the same time, ‘A’ stands for assimilation, while the ideas of Boost Juice are assimilated with the modern boo sties of others. Additionally, ‘M’ stands for mark making (Datamonitor, 2008). The strategies of the company include:

The Use of Localization
Boost Juice has closely incorporated the need to have a difference in brand positioning in the different parts of the world where the company has its bars. In some countries Boost Juice offers treats, while in others meal replacements are served (Datamonitor, 2008). The use of localization by Boost Juice is required to help meet the needs of different local markets. The aspect of localization helps reveal the uniqueness and also helps prevent the occurrence of an incident where someone creates a counterfeit of the products made by Boost Juice (Datamonitor, 2008).

VIBE is an acronym name for “Very Important Boos Enthusiasts”, which is a running program for loyalty of Boost Juice customers (Allis, 2013). Customers in different regions of the world are given VIBE cards when they buy products from Boost Juice. Buying one product from Boost Juice, such as juice or a smoothie, earns a customer one point. When a customer in Australia accumulates the points of purchase to ten, it gives him/her a right to demand for juice or smoothie for free from any Boost Juice bar (Allis, 2013).

Relationship with Customers
Boost Juice has a unique process of relating with its customers. There is a Boost Juice program known as “Boost Guarantee” where customers are asked to email their feedback to the company saying whether they were happy or not with the services they received at bars across the world. Boost Juice makes a point of responding to every email from the customers and ensures it solves the problems in the Boost Juice bar where any complaint has been raised by the customers (Allis, 2013).

Holding of Major Campaigns
Boost Juice holds a number of campaigns both tactical and branding. Among the campaigns that Boost Juice has already performed is “Healthy suckers”. Healthy Suckers was a competition that was offering $ 1 million in form of prizes around the world (Southall, 2015). Special straws were made for the competition, which changed color to show that a customer was a lucky winner. The top most prizes of the competition were a new unused car and adventure holidays overseas (Southall, 2015).

Another campaign used by Boost Juice was “The Big Banana Peel”. This campaign was aimed at attracting more customers to Boost Juice bars. The campaign involved giving customers their purchased orders of Boost Juice products with cups that were unique. The cups for the competition had a panel that customers were supposed to peel off upon paying for their purchased products. The panel was on the side of the cup and exposed whether a customer was lucky to win (Van, 2014).

The third campaign used by Boost Juice was a game known as the “What’s Ya Name Game”. The game was based on a concept where in a span of three weeks, two names of people had to be announced daily. When the name was announced, any individual with the name that had been announced had a right to demand for juice or smoothie for free from any Boost Juice bar. The campaign was promoted using the radio breakfast shows. Another way the campaign was promoted was through the use of word of mouth (Van, 2014).

The forth campaign of Boost Juice was the “Kids Cups”. In this campaign the company’s management developed various types of cups with different types of character photos on them. The first character used by Boost Juice on their cups is Mr. Men who is loved by kids and most cartoon and animation adult lovers. The second character used was taken from the cartoon Toy Story 3. The third character used was Dora the Explorer, while the fourth and fifth characters were Ben 10 and the Superheroes. The last characters were Barry and Betty Boost Cups (Allis, 2013).

The Use of Customization Internationally
Boost Juice tries to maintain consistency of a brand globally by ensuring that the company is constantly addressing the issue of existence of difference in values around the globe, in people customs, and the difference in the power of people to make a purchase (Lawless, 2015). The messages sent by Boost Juice to foreign countries are just as persuasive as the messages sent back home to the customers of Boost Juice products. When it comes to selling products in foreign countries, Boost Juice works closely with partners from the target countries, since they know the market better (Lawless, 2015).
Notably, even when incorporating the market style of the prevailing markets in foreign countries, Boost Juice maintains its values. They are aimed at improving health of the customers, making the customers of Boost Juice bars enjoy their experience and maintaining the love of people towards life. However, the leading message and activities done for promotions are based on local languages of the area in question. The staffs serving the customers are always expected to smile and welcome customers warmly to the Boost Juice bars (Kirby, 2005).

Blue Ocean
The blue ocean strategy used by Boost Juice works under various concepts. The concepts involved include: the innovation on value of products and consistent tracking down of differentiation and near to the ground costs. Notably, the concept also operates on 4 principles (Francis, 2009). The first principle is creating a market that is uncontested by anyone through reconstructing the boundaries of the markets. The second principle is placing focus on the future when operating a business at present (Kirby, 2005).
The third principle in the strategy is working towards reaching the prevailing demand of Boost Juice products. The forth principle is having a sequence that is strategic in performing the activities of Boost Juice. The additional and most important principle in the strategy is having a structure of leadership that foresees a smooth process that exercises being fair and just. Such form of leadership helps avoid issues of political influence and also boosts the motivation of all workers (Francis, 2009).

Challenging the Market
Using such form of strategy Boost Juice carries out research on its products and identifies the small or major needs that the products failed to meet in the market. It is done with belief that the company will address the main issues and deliver its services competitively (Helms, 2014). When analyzing what the online bloggers write on their blogs about Boost Juice, the company takes into consideration what the bloggers ignore to write. With this in mind, Boost Juice focuses on improving the situation at hand and establishing a strategy that can improve its profit (Fung, 2013).

Having a Market Niche
In the current form of strategy, Boost Juice differentiates its market into well-developed segments. The strategy helps in addressing the differentiated needs of Boost Juice customers in various prevailing markets. Boost Juice can address issues of its customers’ preference. The other importance of the strategy is that Boost Juice can easily adapt to the trends of the changing market. When a market for products is diversified, it is easier for Boost Juice to sell its products to a greater market (Fung, 2013).

Following the Market
Such form of strategy foresees that Boost Juice waits for its competitors to do research on the prevailing market preference of the consumers. After it is done, the company’s management discovers the weaknesses of its competitors and works on improving them in its own operation. The aim of such strategy is to reduce the cost that would have been incurred in running a detailed research on how Boost Juice products are performing in the market. Notably, it is the best method with respect of growing a small business faster (Helms, 2014).


Through incorporation of a number of strategies and consistency in service production, Boost Juice has immensely grown and made the dream of Janine Allis, who is the founder of the company, a reality. The growth and the consistent increase in the profits made by Boost Juice are caused by the main aim of the company. Boost Juice offers people an opportunity of eating healthy and improving the general well-being of its customers globally.

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