Analyzing Television Commercial Advertisement: Coca-Cola Soft-Drink Advert


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The product being advertised in the commercial is Coca-Cola soft drink. The Coca-Cola soft drink is depicted as having immense ability to quench one’s thirst especially in the course of summer. The product is also depicted as having a regulated amount of calories which can increase one’s energy need and still not exposed to the risk of gaining additional weight. The product; Coca-cola soft drink is meant for young-adults of both genders who need additional energy given that they are the most-active age bracket.


The commercial targeted the right demographic of the entire population. This is depicted by the use of different genders within the same age-group as lead characters in the advert. This is a strategy that postulates the young-adults as the greatest beneficiary of the product as a whole. In my opinion, the advert could have also been effectively promoted through the use of billboards and charts.  Charts and bill-boards should be placed at strategic locations with images of young-adults quenching their thirst and having a good time.

Within my locality, I was able to recognize intense in-store promotions since consumers were encouraged to buy larger packages of the product at discounts. There were also brochures issued to potential customers providing relevant information about the ingredients of the product as well as the composition of the exact calories-level. 


At my local store, I was able to locate competing products like Pepsi cola. I was able to locate and relate with the competitor’s product: Pepsi-cola, more easily. This is because the competitor’s product is packaged in an attractive design and layout. There were different color-cans of the same product. Thus, I will advise the Coca-cola producers on the need to identify with the consumers’ expectations and serve their specific needs.  It should be noted that unlike the Coca-cola product, Pepsi-cola are packaged in cans of different amounts depending on the customer’s immediate need. Therefore, Coca-cola should embrace this idea and differentiate their products to match-up the customer’s specific need at a time.


The price for the Coca-cola product is positioned at slightly higher rice as compared to its competitor irrespective of the amount packed. This model of pricing is depicted as adopting a psychological pricing strategy so that the Coca-cola soft drink is perceived to be of higher quality. However, I do not think that the pricing is adequate to the young-adults who are the target audience of the product. The company should embark on popular pricing strategy so that the targeted consumers can relate with product. For instance, a price fixed below $ 10 is effective for this demographic since it does not include sales tax. Young-adults, irrespective of their genders, are attracted to prices for which they are allowed to save.

This model of pricing might decrease the level of profit margin for the product but it is considered to be the effective approach of increasing sales. By increasing sales, a firm is able to maintain its loyal customers for its product for a substantial period of time thus guaranteeing survival of future operations.

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